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Unity V3 support in the AWS SDK for .NET is out of preview

Last month, we announced that the AWS SDK for Unity will be part of the AWS SDK for .NET with preview support for the AWS SDK for Unity. With today’s release, we are ready to label the AWS SDK for Unity as production ready. You can now upgrade the SDK simply by deleting the version 2 AWSSDK folder from Game -> Assets and reimporting the new Unity packages. These are available in the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio or as a standalone download. This also means that we are deprecating version 2 of the AWS SDK for Unity.

With this general availability, we are also introducing support for using UnityWebRequest (available on Unity 5.3 and above). Developers will now get to choose which HTTP client they want to use in their project, using AWSConfigs like :

AWSConfigs.HttpClient = AWSConfigs.HttpClientOption.UnityWebRequest


AWSConfigs.HttpClient = AWSConfigs.HttpClientOption.UnityWWW

Since the UnityWebRequest is still distributed under an experimental namespace, we are defaulting the value of HttpClient to UnityWWW at this point.

The use of UnityWebRequest opens up new APIs on the AWS SDK for Unity . These APIs are not available using WWW, specifically APIs like PutObject, PutBucket, or MultipartUpload on Amazon S3.

With this release we are also distributing the Amazon Cognito Sync manager and the Amazon Cognito Sync service client as a single NuGet package for the AWS SDK for .NET and Xamarin, so the AWSSDK.SyncManager NuGet package is now deprecated.


Happy coding!