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Building a Scalable Architecture: Insights from Track Revenue

Whether you have 1 or 1,000,000 users, building a scalable web application that can handle peaks and dips in traffic is vital to the long-term success of your startup. And, one that should be planned in advanced so that, as you grow, the correct scaling architecture is in place. But, as a new startup, how do you plan for high loads while also juggling a growing business? Eric Yip, Co-founder and CTO of adtech startup Track Revenue, recently joined us at the AWS Loft in San Francisco to share the mistakes and lessons learned along their journey to a scalable architecture. He unpacked the principles of developing high-performance applications as well as provided the audience with considerations and tips on building a well-designed application that’s both resilient and scalable. 

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Building an AI-Based Network Infrastructure Analytics Platform with AWS

Voyance is a fundamentally new approach to infrastructure management using AI/ML technology and big data analytics – all enabled by AWS and its scalable cloud-computing framework.  With it enterprises are able to gain quantifiable insight into the operation of their networks and the impact on end user experience and productivity – something that, until now, was never possible.

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How Spotinst Helps Customers with Infrastructure Automation

As organizations around the world embrace the public cloud of AWS and leverage its vast benefits, the overhead and work of DevOps engineers are growing heavily. Developers use a wide range of infrastructure and platform services for deploying applications. Containers and Serverless are fast gaining traction and organizations understand that their cloud spending is sometimes suboptimal; they are constantly looking for ways to optimize their spend without any additional operational overhead. This problem is compounded by a severe talent shortage in the market.

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