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Why Every Startup Should Set Up a Budget — and How AWS Budgets Makes It Easy.

As a startup, chances are you’re prioritizing speed to build fast and get your product onto the market as soon as possible. While being laser-focused on your product is essential, it also means it’s easy to overlook your AWS spend, especially if you’re running off credit programs like AWS Activate. With AWS Budgets, you’ll be able to monitor costs and usage over time, allowing you to optimize your monthly bill and maximize usage of the perpetual AWS free tier once you’ve transitioned off of credits.

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Quick Cost Optimization Strategies for Early Stage Startups

Cost optimization is a top of mind consideration for any startup and can be achieved with a wide variety of techniques, but how you tackle it depends on the stage of your business’s growth. Startups are laser-focused on product development, which can mean choosing between time spent building extra functionality to manage costs, like reorganizing account structures or building cost analytics pipelines, and prioritizing low-effort-to-high-impact architectural changes to keep your momentum up. In this post, we’ll share three easy-to-implement cost optimization strategies to help you quickly understand and optimize your spend, then get back to building features that will drive value for your customers.

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