AWS Certified AI Practitioner

Unlock new career possibilities with this AI certification. Beta registration opens August 13, 2024.

Beta exam overview

Category Foundational
Exam duration 120 minutes
Exam format 85 questions
Cost 75 USD/10,000 JPY. Visit Exam pricing for additional cost information, including foreign exchange rates
Intended candidate Individuals who are familiar with, but do not necessarily build, solutions using AI/ML technologies on AWS
Candidate role examples Business analyst, IT support, marketing professional, product or project manager, line-of-business or IT manager, sales professional
Testing options
Pearson VUE testing center or online proctored exam
Languages offered English, Japanese

AWS Certified AI Practitioner validates in-demand knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and generative AI concepts and use cases. Sharpen your competitive edge and position yourself for career growth and higher earnings. Be among the first to earn this new certification when registration opens on August 13, 2024.

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Get to know the exam

The exam includes these topics:

  • Fundamental concepts and terminologies of AI, ML and generative AI

  • Use cases of AI, ML and generative AI

  • Design considerations for foundation models

  • Model Training and fine tuning

  • Prompt engineering

  • Foundation model evaluation criteria

  • Responsible AI

  • Security and compliance for AI systems

Full details will be available on August 13th.


Refresh your AWS knowledge and skills

Enroll in digital courses where you need to fill gaps in knowledge and skills. All recommended courses are included in the exam prep plans in Step 3.


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Note: AWS does not require you to take any specific AWS training as part of your exam prep.


Assess your exam readiness.

Resources will be available on August 13th.

Key FAQs to help you get started

The ideal candidate for this exam is familiar with AI/ML technologies on AWS and uses, but does not necessarily build AI/ML solutions on AWS.

Candidates new to IT and AWS Cloud can get started with free foundational cloud courses like AWS Cloud Essentials and AWS Technical Essentials that are included in the Exam Prep Plans for this exam.

Certified individuals holding the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or an Associate-level AWS Certification do not need to take the foundational cloud courses and can start with free AI foundational training also included in the Exam Prep Plans.

Professionals in roles such as sales, marketing, and product management will be better positioned to succeed in their careers by building their skills through training and validating knowledge through certifications like AWS Certified AI Practitioner.

Per a November 2023 AWS study, Employers are willing to pay 43% more to hire AI-skilled workers in sales, marketing, 42% more for those in finance, 41% more for business operations, and 47% more for IT professionals.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner focuses on overall knowledge of AWS Cloud and gives a foundational-level overview of all AWS services. AWS Certified AI Practitioner covers the breadth of AI frameworks, concepts, and associated AWS technologies, with an emphasis on generative AI. The exam content outline for Cloud Practitioner contains only one task statement related to AI.

In contrast, the entire exam content outline for AWS Certified AI Practitioner focuses on AI, ML, and generative AI. You should take the exam that best aligns with your interests and needs. You also have the option to earn both certifications if you want to demonstrate a strong grasp of both AWS cloud and AI/ML.

For individuals transitioning to cloud careers, we recommend AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate. For those pursuing careers in data, AI, and machine learning, we recommend AWS Certified Data Engineer - Associate and/or AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer - Associate.

AWS Certification uses beta exams to validate performance of exam questions before the questions are used on standard versions of an exam. An exam can go through the beta process before the exam is launched for the first time. AWS Certification can also complete a beta process when an exam content outline changes. Candidates who pass the beta exam will be among the first to hold the new certification.

You can find more information about beta exams on the Before Testing policy page. The section on “Beta exams” includes information regarding the differences between the beta version and the standard version of an exam.