Everything that is needed for us to run our product and operations infrastructure is stored in CodeCommit; it binds our teams together and is the single place where everyone keeps coming back to. 
Ajit Zadgaonkar Executive Director, Software Engineering Operations

On Edmunds.com and on its acclaimed mobile apps, car shoppers can browse dealer inventory, read vehicle reviews, and get access to shopping tips, photos, videos, and feature stories. With Edmunds.com Price Promise, shoppers can access instant, upfront prices for cars and trucks currently for sale at 13,000 dealer franchises across the United States.

  • Previously used an on-premises source code management (SCM) system licensed from Edmunds’ previous SCM vendor
  • Adding new users to the old SCM was expensive and cost-prohibitive due to license and hardware procurement costs 
  • The SCM had a high operational burden: It was difficult and time-consuming to manage and maintain the software and hardware, the repositories lacked backup and clustering capabilities, and the service would occasionally suffer from downtime which affected all users
  • After evaluating several Git hosting services, Edmunds.com started using AWS CodeCommit as its source control service for hosting private Git repositories and migrated more than 1,000 repositories and more than 270 users to AWS
  • CodeCommit is fully managed and handles hosting, maintenance, backup, and scaling for Edmunds.com
  • CodeCommit stores application code, XML files, metadata for videos and photos, and Chef files in private repositories with no size limits
  • Works with Edmunds’ existing continuous integration and delivery pipeline

Fully Managed

  • Edmunds.com no longer has to worry about operating and maintaining hardware and software for the SCM system
  • The company is seeing about a 95 percent reduction in time spent on administration and maintenance tasks

Highly Available

  • Git repositories are highly available because CodeCommit leverages Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to store data redundantly across multiple Availability Zones

Cost Effective

  • Monthly, “as-a-service” pricing makes it easier for Edmunds to add new users to the service
  • Company is saving an estimated $450 per user annually


  • Edmunds.com can quickly and easily scale the number of users on the SCM because it no longer needs to worry about procuring enough licenses and infrastructure or installing and configuring software on workstations
  • Developers can use all Git commands and the third-party Git client of their choice with CodeCommit

To learn more about how AWS can help manage your source code or host private Git repositories, visit our AWS CodeCommit details page.