AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk

Build connected solutions easily on a highly reliable free-to-connect network.

Amazon Sidewalk is an encrypted free-to-connect long-range network that provides persistent connectivity for billions of devices. Amazon Sidewalk anonymously connects smart devices together and creates a highly reliable shared community network that you can use to create more cost-effective connected solutions. With Amazon Sidewalk, you can tap into an extensive network that offers coverage to more than 90% of the US population, and build long-range connected solutions, delivering positive impact for communities and enterprises. 

The integration of Amazon Sidewalk with AWS IoT Core, enables you to easily provision, onboard, and monitor your Amazon Sidewalk devices. Through AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk, you can accelerate the cloud onboarding process for your Sidewalk-enabled devices and access over 200+ AWS Services and capabilities, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more.


Deliver a fast setup experience for your devices

Sidewalk-enabled partner devices come pre-provisioned with security certificates required to establish an encrypted connection with AWS IoT Core. This enables you to build IoT solutions that quickly connect your edge devices to AWS and support a fast, plug-and-play setup experience for your customers.

Reduce capital investment and operational costs

Amazon Sidewalk is a free-to-connect network that offers coverage to more than 90% of the U.S. population. You don’t need to build or manage a separate network infrastructure. AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk provides you a highly available network infrastructure that can extend the reach of your IoT solution and easily process large volumes of data.

Protect customer data & privacy

Amazon Sidewalk is designed with multiple privacy and security features to protect data traveling on the network. With the integration to AWS IoT Core, you can easily add-on services like AWS IoT Device Defender to monitor, detect anomalies, and receive alerts across your device fleet.

How it works

With AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk, developers and device makers can experience a simple setup, onboarding, and registration of devices. Sidewalk-enabled partner devices come pre-provisioned with security certificates required to establish an encrypted connection with AWS IoT services. From the AWS IoT Console, developers can easily configure their Sidewalk-enabled devices and access a range of AWS services to build scalable solutions. 

Amazon FinSpace how-it-works diagram

Use cases

Smart Home

With Amazon Sidewalk’s instant connect capabilities, smart home device manufacturers can simplify the out-of-box of experience and automate some of the setup workflows required for their devices.

Smart buildings, cities, and infrastructure

Amazon Sidewalk sensors, such as temperature, humidity, occupancy, and more can be deployed across buildings, cities, or other types of infrastructure to monitor and control HVAC, lighting, security, and other systems. 

Asset tracking and management

With AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk, you can track assets, such as equipment, goods, machinery, or vehicles, monitor their performance, communicate notifications, and stay informed about other key metrics. Sidewalk permits devices to roam throughout the network, supporting operations managers to maintain consistent awareness and control of their assets. 


  • New Cosmos
  • DeNova Detect, an IoT product from New Cosmos, uses Amazon Sidewalk to send alerts via text, call, and email to notify the end user when their residential gas detectors identity a gas leak.

  • Browan
  • With the growing ubiquity of the Sidewalk network, The MerryIoT sensors from Browan not only benefit from increased range, but also provide a seamless out-of-box experience for users. 

  • Deviceroy
  • The Aria smart modem from Deviceroy uses Amazon Sidewalk to connect machines used in solar, utilities, and smart homes/buildings applications to the internet. 

  • Meshify
  • Meshify (IoT subsidiary of HSB) uses Amazon Sidewalk's long range, low bandwidth connectivity to mitigate losses that can severely damage homes or shut down small businesses, such as water leaks or frozen pipe bursts. 

Our partners make it easy for you to get started by providing qualified hardware and software development kits that are able to connect to Amazon Sidewalk.


Getting started