Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS Pricing

AWS customers can quickly deploy and scale compute resources, according to their business needs, with flexible purchase options for RHEL and RHEL with High availability:

  • Pay-as-you-go. Provision resources on-demand, as computing needs grow, without long-term commitments or upfront costs.
  • Reserved Instances. Lower cost further by purchasing compute resources with a one-time, upfront payment.
  • Bring existing subscription. Customers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Premium subscriptions can use Red Hat Cloud Access to move subscriptions to Amazon EC2.
For more information about pricing and purchasing via On-Demand, Spot, and Reserved Instances, visit the Amazon EC2 pricing page. Visit Red Hat's website for more information on Red Hat Cloud Access for Amazon EC2.
Find answers to common questions about RHEL on Amazon EC2 on the FAQs page.

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