Amazon GameLift supports all major game engines including Amazon Lumberyard, Unreal Engine, Unity, and custom C# and C++ game engines. Amazon GameLift offers a step-by-step Amazon GameLift Developer Guide, an Amazon GameLift API Reference Guide, and Amazon GameLift SDKs. You can also see for yourself how easy it is to test Amazon GameLift using our sample game.

This download contains components that integrate with your Windows or Linux game server. It contains C++ and C# versions of the Amazon GameLift Server SDK, Amazon GameLift Local, and an Unreal Engine plugin. Version 3.1.7.

Download the GameLift Server SDK

The Amazon GameLift Client API integrates with your client and backend game services like identity services or matchmaking. The Amazon GameLift Client API is available in the AWS SDK which supports over 10 languages.

Configure your Amazon GameLift resources, deploy your games, track usage, and emit metrics into Amazon CloudWatch using the web-based Amazon GameLift Management Console. To automate configuration and deployment, you can also use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).

In addition to Amazon GameLift, Amazon offers a growing selection of cross-platform building blocks for game developers. Whether we’re helping developers unlock the power of the cloud with Amazon Web Services, build the next global blockbuster with the Amazon Lumberyard game engine, or connect a massive community of players with Twitch, we work tirelessly to help teams focus on their creative vision, not their infrastructure.

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