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As part of a cloud readiness assessment, public sector institutions can determine how their existing platform will evolve by adopting the cloud, and whether their existing technology systems and services need to be augmented to become a hybrid environment or be replaced altogether.



Applications that deliver increased ROI through reduced operation costs or deliver increased business results should be at the top of the priority list.

Applications are either critical or strategic – if they do not fit into either category, they should be removed from the priority list. Instead, classify applications that aren’t strategic or critical as legacy applications, and determine if they need to be replaced or, in some cases, eliminated.


Define and identify institutional structures and roles, required competencies, competency gaps, training needs, and staffing and institutional changes required to build an agile IT model that is capable of effective cloud adoption. This model will need to be established for effective delivery and operation of cloud-based solutions.

If your staff is new to the cloud or to AWS, we have resources to help them get up to speed.

For more information, please visit: AWS Training and Certification.