Cost Optimization with AWS

Improve efficiency and get the most out of your cloud spend

Why Cost Optimization with AWS?

You can build modern, scalable applications on AWS to transform your organization, all while optimizing costs. AWS continuously innovates and delivers the latest technologies across every solution area so you can meet high performance needs and scale at a lower cost. The variety of AWS pricing options provide you with the flexibility to design your purchase plan to meet your specific workload needs. AWS offers a suite of management tools to monitor your application cost and identify modernizing and rightsizing opportunities. You can seamlessly scale up and down with AWS to operate more cost effectively in an uncertain economy and better position your organization for long-term success.


Use many AWS services for free to specified limits through AWS Free Tier. Take advantage of volume discounts as your usage grows. Enjoy up to 72% discounts when committing to Savings Plans or Reserved Instances for predictable usage. Run fault-tolerant workloads with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances and gain up to 90% discounts.

Rightsize to find the optimal instance family and size for your compute workloads. Delete unutilized resources to avoid waste. Select the right data storage and data transfer options based on the access needs. Cost optimization recommendations are unique to your actual configuration, resource utilization, and performance.

Automatically schedule resource provisioning to match the demand of your business and workloads. Increase performance and reliability by scaling out across multiple instances and Availability Zones and scaling back when demand drops. Build an agile, modular architecture with microservices technology.

Accelerate innovation with custom silicon optimized for the cloud. AWS Graviton-powered instances deliver up to 40% better price performance over comparable x86-based processors. Purpose-built ML chips, AWS Inferentia and AWS Trainium, are designed to provide the best price performance for deep learning applications.

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Use Cases

Get discounts with Savings Plans (Compute, EC2, Amazon SageMaker) and Reserved Instances (Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon OpenSearch Service, Amazon DynamoDB). Use custom recommendations based on your past usage. Take advantage of volume pricing tiers and bundled discounts. Save even more when combining usage across accounts with consolidated billing.

Stop paying for resources during non-operating hours with Instance Scheduler on AWS for EC2 and Amazon RDS instances. AWS Auto Scaling automatically adjusts capacity for compute resources and database services.Stop paying for idle EC2 instances, idle Amazon RDS instances, idle Load Balancers, and unassociated Elastic IP addresses, with AWS Cost Explorer rightsizing recommendations and AWS Trusted Advisor.

Optimize Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate, Amazon EBS, and Lambda, and receive recommendations for Graviton migration with AWS Compute Optimizer. Realize better price performance for analytics databases with Amazon Redshift resize. Reduce Amazon S3 storage cost by identifying cost optimization opportunities with Amazon S3 Storage Lens, and automate data lifecycle management with Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering.

Scale reliably and flexibly by designing and building modern, microservice architectures with serverless products, such as, AWS LambdaAWS Fargate, and Amazon Aurora Serverless to increase agility and lower cost. Save costs by optimizing data transfer routes, e.g., caching data at the edge and enabling Amazon CloudFront for lower data transfer out rates. Optimize calls between your infrastructure by creating read replicas on Amazon RDS.