Customer Carbon Footprint Tool

Track, measure, review, and forecast the carbon emissions generated from your AWS usage

AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool Overview

Watch a guided walkthrough of accessing AWS's new customer carbon footprint tool in the Billing Console and an explanation of the data available to you within the tool.


Measure the estimated carbon emissions from your use of AWS services.

Advance your understanding of your carbon footprint drivers, from services to geographies.

Develop your sustainability journey by forecasting emissions against your metrics and goals.

Use cases

Use easy-to-understand data visualizations to report on the emissions from your AWS usage following Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol standards.

Analyze the changes in your emissions over time as you migrate workloads to AWS, re-architect applications, or deprecate unused resources.

Forecast how your emissions will change across your sustainability journey as Amazon progresses toward powering operations with 100% renewable energy.

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