AWS Cost Optimization Hub

Consolidate and Prioritize Cost Optimization Opportunities

Why AWS Cost Optimization Hub?

Cost Optimization Hub allows you to easily identify, filter, and consolidate over 15 types of AWS cost optimization recommendations, such as EC2 instance rightsizing recommendations, Graviton migration recommendations, idle resource detection, and Savings Plans recommendations across your AWS accounts and AWS Regions within your organization through a single dashboard, so that you can get the most out of your AWS spend. Cost Optimization Hub helps you quantify and aggregate estimated savings of these recommendations, taking your specific discount with AWS, such as Reserved Instances and Savings Plans, into consideration, so you can easily compare and prioritize recommendations. With Cost Optimization Hub, you can get answers to your cost optimization questions within minutes, such as “How much can I save by implementing rightsizing recommendations?” “Which AWS accounts have the most cost optimization opportunities?” and “What are the top 3 actions I can take to save costs?” and drive cost optimization initiatives through a single pane of glass.


Identify and consolidate your AWS cost optimization opportunities through a single dashboard

Prioritize cost optimization opportunities by quantifying estimated savings incorporating your AWS pricing and discounts

Interactively query cost optimization recommendations across multiple AWS Regions and AWS accounts

Measure and benchmark your cost efficiency by aggregating and deduplicating savings potential

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Use Cases

Identify savings opportunities, such as EC2 instance rightsizing recommendations, Graviton migration recommendations, idle resource deletion, and Savings Plans recommendations through a single dashboard.

Identify the areas with the most savings potential, and drive your cost optimization initiatives to prioritize these areas based on implementation efforts and estimated savings.

Benchmark cost efficiency by aggregating potential savings across recommendations, and understanding what percentage of your AWS spend can be optimized.