AWS Purchase Order Management

Enable your AWS procurement process to be cloud-ready

AWS Purchase Order Management is a service that allows you to easily manage your AWS purchase orders (POs) in a self-service manner. Centralize the management of multiple POs, reduce overhead costs in matching invoices with POs, and increase the accuracy and efficiency in your procure-to-pay process.

AWS Purchase Order Management gives you the ability to define and manage POs in a way that meets your unique business needs. Manage your PO information from the Purchase Orders dashboard in the AWS Billing Console, configure multiple POs, and define the rules of how they map to your AWS invoices. Monitor your PO status and balance on your Purchase Orders dashboard. Stay informed with email notifications when your POs approach expiration or run out of balance.


A consolidated view of your purchase orders

View and manage all your purchase order information in one dashboard. Access your purchase orders and their associated invoices, and update your purchase order details at any time. Track purchase order details such as status, balance, expiration, and their associated invoices.

Configure multiple POs and define invoice-matching rules

Through purchase order line item configurations, you get the ability to define how your POs are mapped to invoices. For example, you can match your POs with all charges on your account, monthly subscription, AWS Marketplace SaaS contract transactions, or AWS Marketplace invoices. You can also define separate POs for different time periods, invoices, and AWS seller entities, and update your PO configuration at any time.

Receive notifications to proactively verify your purchase orders

Enable email notifications by adding contacts to your purchase orders. You will receive notifications for when your purchase orders approach expiration or run out of balance. Proactively take action to ensure the validity of your purchase orders and achieve on-time and accurate payment.


Enable your AWS procurement process to be cloud-ready with AWS Purchase Order Management

Learn how you can create and configure your POs with associated invoices, and set up notifications to monitor your PO status.

How it works

Your Purchase Orders dashboard is the hub for viewing and managing all your purchase order information. It is an easy two-step process to add a purchase order.

Step #1: enter details, such as your purchase order ID, effective and expiration periods, and contacts.
Step #2: define line item configurations to match your purchase orders with invoices and enable balance tracking.

Once purchase order is added, the purchase order will be automatically matched with invoices based on your configuration. Your Purchase Orders dashboard will show the newly added purchase order along with your existing purchase orders, including details such as effective and expiration period, status, amount, and balance. You can view more information on the purchase order details page by selecting the purchase order ID. From the Purchase Order Details page, you can add/edit/delete line item details, update PO status, manage PO contacts, access invoices associated with your PO, and track your PO balance at the line item level.

Read more about how to manage your purchase orders.  

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