Getting started with AWS Fargate

Introduction to AWS Fargate

Introductory Video to AWS Fargate

Watch this introductory video that explains what AWS Fargate is in under a minute. AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine compatible with Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS that allows you to run containers without having to manage servers or clusters.


Get started with AWS Fargate using the Amazon ECS CLI

Set up a cluster and deploy a service with tasks using the Fargate launch type through the Amazon ECS CLI.

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Get started with AWS Fargate using Amazon EKS

Get started running pods on AWS Fargate with your Amazon EKS cluster.

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Introduction to AWS Fargate

Take this introductory course to learn how AWS Fargate makes it easier for you to run applications using containers. Walk through an example architecture of Fargate and Amazon ECS.

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Introductory Workshop to AWS Fargate

Take your first step with our fun Mythical Mysfits workshop. You will start with the basics of how to containerize a monolith service and deploy using AWS Fargate. As you continue along, you learn how to scale you application using an ALB and ECS service. Following modern application development (MAD) best practices, you will break up your monolith application into microservices and re-deploy using AWS Fargate. 

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This is just the first of the three workshops. Already know what you are doing? Go more in-depth.

Workshop 2: DevSecOps with Docker and AWS Fargate >>

Workshop 3: Management and Operations with AWS Fargate  >>

Amazon ECS Workshop

Set up a cluster and deploy a service with tasks using the Fargate launch type through the Amazon ECS CLI.

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Amazon EKS Workshop

Get started running pods on AWS Fargate with your Amazon EKS cluster.

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Additional resources

Introductory videos
Introducing AWS Fargate

Learn the basics of AWS Fargate and how to get started running containerized applications and microservices on AWS with this powerful technology.

Scaling a Containerized Application with AWS Fargate

This session provides a technical foundation for using AWS Fargate with your existing containerized services, as well as best practices for building images, configuring task definitions, task networking, secrets management, and monitoring.

Securing Container Workloads on AWS Fargate

Explore the security controls and best practices for securing containers running on AWS Fargate. This session covers networking setup, IAM, and the AWS and third-party tools you can use to deploy a secure, scalable cluster with AWS Fargate.

Advanced videos
Migrating to AWS Fargate

Learn the rationale behind some of the design decisions by the Fargate team and how that should influence your application design and best practices for building on AWS Fargate. In addition, Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) dives deep into how it migrated to Fargate.

Developing a Container App with AWS CDK

Containers are a powerful tool for packaging your application and running it in the cloud. This session looks at the AWS Cloud Development Kit and uses it to build and deploy a container application using Fargate.

AWS Developer Tools Improve Continuous Delivery Support for AWS Fargate

The AWS developer tools now offer improved continuous delivery support for the Amazon containers services. This session shows you how to implement blue/green deployments for AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS via AWS CodeDeploy.

Container Power Hour with Jess, Clare, and Abby

Learn how to use Git and GitHub to run your containers. This session features a demo on how to use GitHub Actions to deploy to Fargate.

Visibility into Applications built using AWS Fargate

Dive deep into various visibility aspects of your serverless applications on AWS Fargate. Learn best practices around logging, alerting, metric collection, and monitoring the health of your containers. Also learn ways to troubleshoot container start up issues or application errors.

Deep Dive Into Container Networking

Dive deep into microservices networking. This sessiones discuss how you can build, secure, and manage the communications into, out of, and between the various microservices that make up your application. You will also take an in-depth look into various networking modes supported in Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS Fargate and do a brief introduction to AWS App Mesh.

AWS Fargate Frequently Asked Questions

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