Custom Model Import on Amazon Bedrock (preview)

Leverage your customized models on Amazon Bedrock


With the Custom Model Import feature, you can now bring your own custom models and use them seamlessly on Amazon Bedrock. Whether you've fine-tuned Meta Llama or Mistral AI models to suit your specific needs, or developed a proprietary model based on popular open architectures, you can now import those custom models and use them alongside the foundation models (FMs).

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Key benefits

Custom Model Import for Amazon Bedrock removes the need for you to deploy models that were customized outside of Amazon Bedrock on self-managed infrastructure. Previously, customers had to bear the overhead of model lifecycle management and infrastructure management. The new Amazon Bedrock Custom Model Import feature allows you to get access to imported models through the same invoke-model API as other Amazon Bedrock models, without having to manage any underlying infrastructure. Amazon Bedrock handles the entire lifecycle of imported models, freeing you from these operational tasks.

Custom Model Import removes the need for developers to switch between different tools and access patterns based on the model source. It unifies the developer experience by allowing you to import models customized outside of Amazon Bedrock and register them as imported models. Developers can now access both base models and imported custom models through a unified API. This standardizes the access pattern for application developers, helping you to develop applications faster by using a combination of public and custom models on Amazon Bedrock.

Custom Model Import provides you the flexibility to use your prior investments in model customization. Previously, customers with customized models outside of Amazon Bedrock had to recreate those customizations within Amazon Bedrock. With Custom Model Import, you can import your existing customized models and register them as imported models on Amazon Bedrock. You can flexibly use these FMs alongside base models to build applications. This flexibility gives you more value out of your previous model customization efforts and seamlessly integrates the FMs into your applications based in Amazon Bedrock.