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From global automakers and Tier I automotive suppliers to the latest mobility startup, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping automotive companies to build innovative connected products and services for every touchpoint of the customer journey.  Our secure, agile and scalable platform can help accelerate your pace of innovation, improve your security posture and lower your IT cost structure.

With AWS you can focus your resources on building differentiated automotive brand experiences for your customers, rather than managing IT infrastructure.

Learn how AWS enables automotive companies deliver innovative experiences at every touchpoint.

BMW Group built its new car-as-a-sensor service in only six months using AWS.  The dynamically scaling service delivers vehicle sensor data to the cloud and dynamically updates map information to the fleet.


HERE uses the scalability, reliability, and global reach of the AWS platform to deliver its HD Live Maps and connected-car solutions to customers around the world, in compliance with local storage regulations.


Lyft services over 1 million requests per second using over 150 microservices in a high performance and availability architecture.  This allows their team of 30 to deploy code hundred of times a day to speed their innovation.


TrueCar's development platform, built on AWS, allows them to create and quickly provision new environments which replicate production.  This infrastructure-as-code approach fosters collaboration and experimentation, accelerating innovation.   


AWS provides a wide array of services for automotive applications, including IoT, AI and Machine Learning for developing advanced connected experiences and innovative ways to engage with your customers' digital lifestyle.   



With AWS' serverless, microservices-based architecture you have a powerful, agile innovation platform to create, test and scale any automotive workload, while reducing costs.



Accelerate your product development speed using AWS' highly scalable compute capacities to power through specialized simulations and analysis like crash simulations and CFD modeling.



AWS' services have been designed to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations, ensuring your data is protected in today’s constantly connected world.



Use the comprehensive set of AWS services and edge computing technologies to rapidly deploy innovative connected mobility applications that easily scale from prototype to global implementation.

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Use AWS’ machine learning & AI capabilities to offer your customers relevant, exciting and personalized experiences that increase brand loyalty.

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AWS' advanced deep learning frameworks, petabyte scale storage and on-demand GPU compute, and local ML-inference capabilities enable autonomous vehicle development.

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Automotive companies of all types and sizes, from global automakers to startups rely on AWS. Contact our experts and start your own AWS Cloud journey today.

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