AWS Cost and Usage Reports FAQs

Dive deeper into your AWS cost and usage data

General AWS Cost and Usage Report

The AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) contains the most comprehensive set of cost and usage data available. You can use Cost and Usage Reports to export your cost and usage data to an Amazon S3 bucket that you own. You can receive exports that break down your costs by the hour, day, or month, by product or product resource, or by tags that you define yourself. AWS delivers the export to your bucket at least once a day as either a CSV or Parquet file. You can process the export using analytics tools, such as Amazon Athena or Amazon Redshift, or spreadsheet applications, such as Microsoft Excel. You can also create visualizations of your CUR using business intelligence tools, such as Amazon QuickSight, to share insights with your teams.

You can create an export of the Cost and Usage Report table to be delivered to your Amazon S3 bucket from the Data Exports page in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console or using the AWS Data Exports CLI/SDKs.

The AWS Cost and Usage Reports provide access to the most detailed information available about your AWS costs and usage. Cost and Usage Reports contain the data you need to perform the most detailed cost optimization, reporting, and allocation activities.

Split Cost Allocation Data

You can access Amazon ECS task cost and usage data in AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) by opting into Split Cost Allocation Data for Amazon ECS in your AWS Cost Management console and CUR reporting preference page in the Billing console. Split Cost Allocation Data enables cost visibility for all Amazon ECS container objects across your entire consolidated billing family (payer and linked accounts).

With Split Cost Allocation Data for Amazon ECS and AWS Batch, you can allocate the cost of your EC2 instances to your containerized workloads running on these instances. Split Cost Allocation Data for Amazon ECS generates container-level costs by analyzing each container’s Amazon EC2 instance resource consumption based on the price of the instance and the percentage of CPU and memory resources consumed by the containers running on the instance. AWS Batch customers running workloads using Amazon ECS or AWS Fargate compute environments will also see their cost and usage in the CUR.

Only regular and payer accounts have access to Cost Management preferences and can opt into Split Cost Allocation Data. Once opted in, member accounts can view the data in the AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR). It can take up to 24 hours for the data to be visible in the CUR.

Get started by opting in Split Cost Allocation Data.