Database Administrator

What is a Database Administrator?

Database administrators manage and operate databases that are used by applications to store, retrieve, and analyze data. In this learning path, you will learn how to migrate your legacy database workloads to fully managed databases that are purpose-built for the cloud. This path also shares best practices on how to move data, schema, and code from the source database while limiting application downtime and ensuring no data loss. Finally, this path provides tools to validate whether your data successfully moved to the target database and verify that your queries run correctly.

What Will I Learn?

Convert schema and code

Convert database schema and SQL queries in C++, C#, Java, and other application code to a format compatible with Amazon Aurora.

Migrate production data

Migrate data from the source database to a fully managed database such as Amazon Aurora, ensuring source database remains operational throughout.

Validate data migration

Run SQL queries to validate object types, object count, and number of rows for tables between source database and target database.

Get Started!

This tutorial will teach you how to migrate database workloads from Oracle to Amazon Aurora.
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