The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Transport charged with the responsibility for improving road safety in Great Britain. This report looks at how DVSA managed to successfully complete a transformation from an old legacy mainframe solution to a modern cloud-hosted solution delivered on time and on budget.

This report examines Transport for London's (TfL) use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – both to improve the agility and responsiveness of its own digital services, and to establish a third-party developer ecosystem (primarily of tech start-ups) that can leverage its openly-licensed travel data stream to build their own travel-planning applications for Londoners.

This IDC Buyer Case Study focuses on how the U.K.-based start-up bank Monzo built a mobile-first digital bank by leveraging AWS infrastructure and microservices architectures. It also discusses the challenges Monzo faced in building a digital bank and how it overcame these issues to meet stringent regulatory requirements in the banking sector.