Amazon Monitron is an end-to-end system that detects abnormal behavior in industrial machinery, enabling you to implement predictive maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime. Amazon Monitron includes Amazon Monitron Sensors to capture vibration and temperature data, Amazon Monitron Gateway to automatically transfer data to AWS, Amazon Monitron Service that analyzes the data for abnormal machine patterns using ML, and a free, companion mobile app for simple system setup and timely notifications of abnormal machine behavior.

Amazon Monitron includes both one-time, device purchase costs for the sensors and the gateways, and an ongoing pay-as-you-go service fee per Amazon Monitron Sensor in use. There are no additional upfront fees and no long-term commitments.

Sensor and Gateway Purchase:

We provide 3 flexible options for purchasing the devices: (1) Amazon Monitron Starter Kit which includes 5 Amazon Monitron Sensors and 1 Amazon Monitron Gateway, (2) Pack of 5 Amazon Monitron Sensors, and (3) Amazon Monitron Gateway. The typical life of a Amazon Monitron Sensor battery is 3 years and you buy a new sensor at the end of life. Learn more about sensor life and replacement in this FAQ. Up to 20 Amazon Monitron Sensors can connect with 1 Amazon Monitron Gateway. The number of sensors per gateway will depend on the distance between the gateway and the sensor (FAQ). You can purchase these devices at the advertised list price on (US, UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy), or use your Amazon Business account. Amazon Monitron Sensors and Amazon Monitron Gateways are currently available for purchase in US, UK, and EU. Note: If you are a retail customer you can purchase these devices on If you would like to purchase in bulk and use a Purchase Order (PO), you can use Amazon Business.

Service Fee:

A service fee is charged per every Amazon Monitron Sensor in use. We start charging this fee for a sensor only when you commission that sensor. We automatically meter the period of time the sensor is in use based on when it was commissioned and decommissioned, and invoice the customer only for that period (pro-rated by the second) via their monthly AWS bills.

Pricing details

Price Purchase link
Amazon Monitron Starter Kit (5 Sensors, 1 Gateway) $715   US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy
Pack of 5
Amazon Monitron Sensors
$575 US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy
Amazon Monitron Gateway $140 US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy
Amazon Monitron Service $4.17/sensor/month ($50 per sensor per year) Get started

Pricing examples

Example 1

Let’s say you are a piano manufacturer and want to use Amazon Monitron to monitor 5 motors that drive the dust collectors at your manufacturing site. You do so by installing 1 sensor per motor. You buy an Amazon Monitron Starter Kit and use it for 1 year.

  Cost calculation Total cost
Amazon Monitron Starter Kit (5 sensors, 1 gateway) 1 x $715 per starter kit $715

Amazon Monitron Service
5 sensors in the starter kit x $4.17 x 12 $250
  Total Cost for 1st year

Example 2

Let’s say you are a beverage company and assume that you have already evaluated Amazon Monitron for your beverage-making facility. You liked the product and decide to scale the use of Amazon Monitron to 200 gearboxes and 150 compressors. Each gearbox needs 2 sensors and each compressor needs 4 sensors to be installed at different locations. You do this by purchasing and installing 1000 Amazon Monitron Sensors (200 packs of 5 Amazon Monitron Sensors) and 100 Amazon Monitron Gateways (1 gateway for every 10 sensors).

  Cost calculation Total cost
Year 1    
200 Packs of 5 Amazon Monitron Sensors 200 packs x $575 per pack
100 Amazon Monitron Gateways
100 gateways x $140 per gateway
Amazon Monitron Service 200 packs x 5 sensors per pack x $50 per sensor per year
  Year 1 Total Cost $179,000
Year 2    

Amazon Monitron Service
200 packs x 5 sensors per pack x $50 per sensor per year $50,000
  Year 2 Total Cost $50,000
Year 3    
Amazon Monitron Service 200 packs x 5 sensors per pack x $50 per sensor per year $50,000
  Year 3 Total Cost $50,000
  Total Cost over 3 Years $279,000

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