Fully managed low-cost, wireless sensors and WiFi gateways

Amazon Monitron includes low-cost, wireless sensors that can be easily attached to your equipment with adhesives without the need for expensive and cumbersome cabling. These sensors are purpose-built to capture vibration and temperature data efficiently. Amazon Monitron also includes Wi-Fi gateways that are used to transfer the sensor data to AWS. Amazon Monitron sensors and gateways are pre-configured to work with the Amazon Monitron service. Sensors can be set up quickly and easily by simply tapping your phone on the sensor, utilizing near-field communication (NFC) technology, or with just a few clicks in the Amazon Monitron App. Gateways are set up by following a few simple steps in the app. Reliability managers can quickly install and start using these devices to monitor their equipment without any development work.

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Pair sensor with NFC

ISO and ML based analytics

Amazon Monitron automatically detects abnormal machine operating states by analyzing vibration and temperature signals using the ISO 20816 standards for vibration, and machine learning enabled models. 

ISO and ML based analytics

Timely notifications in the Amazon Monitron mobile app

Amazon Monitron sends push notifications to users in the Amazon Monitron mobile app when abnormal machine patterns from the vibration and temperature sensors are detected. Technicians can also review and track these abnormal machine states within the app.

Timely notifications in the Monitron mobile app

Support for adding ML feedback in the app

With just a few taps in the mobile app, technicians can enter feedback on the alerts received. Amazon Monitron learns from that feedback and continually improves over time.

Add ML feedback in the app
Add ML feedback in the app
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