Content Production

Leading Content Production customers on AWS

Untold Studio

Untold partnered with AWS Thinkbox to embrace Studio in the Cloud and set up their new studio without any on-premises infrastructure, becoming the first creative studio born completely in the cloud.

Weta Digital

Founded by Peter Jackson in 1993, Weta Digital is a highly respected creative force, collaborating on visual effects (VFX) for some of the highest grossing blockbusters of all time. Weta recently announced that it’s going all-in on AWS services in the cloud. 

Method Studios

Visual effects company Method Studios works on content for all screen types - feature films for cinemas, television content and commercials for home or mobile screens, title designs and others. Their work on ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ was rendered on AWS.


Dorna Sports, exclusive rights holder to MotoGP road-racing events, used AWS and AWS Partner Grabyo for its broadcast workflow, reducing overhead and increasing broadcast output on dozens of channels.

Media Supply Chain & Archive

Leading Media Supply Chain & Archive customers on AWS

Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV)

A playout system is used to stream video for broadcasting and over-the-top (OTT) video. Learn how Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) uses theirs to performs tasks such as switching between a live feed and a pre-recorded asset, controlling and editing the progress of a TV program, and switching video sources on AWS.

A+E Networks

A+E Networks discuss the drivers that prompted them to shift from on-premises technology to deploying more than 90% of their infrastructure on the cloud, as well as lessons about culture, organizational structure, and technology.

Discovery Communications

Using solutions from AWS and AWS Partners, Discovery migrated more than 400 global channels to AWS, decommissioned its data centers and physical playout hubs, and lowered its total cost of ownership (TCO). The broadcaster’s new cloud-based, flexible business model enabled it to stand up short-run channels for major events.


MGM is migrating its content library and critical SAP workloads to AWS to power its media supply chain as well as support its content rights and distribution processes. Running on AWS, MGM will distribute content across multiple platforms quickly and at scale.


Leading Broadcast customers building on AWS


ViacomCBS will leverage AWS’s industry-leading infrastructure and comprehensive cloud capabilities, including serverless, containers, databases, media services, analytics, and machine learning, to build a cloud-based broadcast and media supply chain operating model.


Millions of viewers engage with content from FOX through its broadcast and OTT platforms. FOX produces and distributes content through some of the world’s leading brands, including FOX News, FOX Sports, and FOX Television Stations. The company is using AWS to create new ways to produce and deliver live events.


Sky Italia used serverless solutions on AWS to enable real-time sports data pushes, achieve cost-efficient scaling, and speed up time to market for innovations.

Korean Broadcasting System

KBS migrated about 300 servers that were run in the collocation data center to the AWS Cloud and were able to close its data centers. KBS gained the flexibility to scale resources on the days when major games for Korea were being held, and was able to provide stable service without any issues.

Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming

Leading D2C & Streaming customers building on AWS


Learn how Netflix uses AWS to power its business and deliver award-winning entertainment to more than 100 million members.


Video streaming service Peacock used AWS services, including Amazon EC2, to build a fully cloud-based infrastructure and achieve a flawless launch in just one year.

Disney + Hotstar

Hear how Hotstar (Disney's OTT streaming service), scaled to create a global record for live streaming to 25.3 million concurrent viewers and runs gamedays before facing live games.


Using a suite of AWS services, including Amazon CloudFront, Kiswe set a Guiness World Record for the largest live streaming ticketed concert with over 750,000 viewers.

Data Science & Analytics for Media

Leading Data Science & Analytics customer solutions built on AWS

Formula 1

By using AWS, F1 is utilizing innovative technologies, such as machine learning (ML) models and high performance computing (HPC), to digitally transform the sport.


Germany’s premier national football league uses AWS to deliver real-time statistics to predict future plays and game outcomes, and recommend personalized match footage for fans across mobile, online, streaming, and television broadcasts.

Disney +

The NFL uses the power of AWS ML to create new stats and improve player health and safety, creating a better experience for fans, players, and teams—all in real time.

Second Spectrum

Second Spectrun provides artificial intelligence–driven tracking technology for sports broadcasts to modernizing the way people engage with sports. Broadcasters and commentators use the company’s tools to provide quick insights accompanied by helpful visuals.