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Facilitating Immersive Shopping Experiences with Amazon Anywhere Using AWS

Learn how Amazon built APIs for developers to create immersive shopping experiences with Amazon Anywhere using AWS.

Achieved 99.999%

average service uptime


engagement for partner's end-customers 


additional revenue opportunities for partners


low service latency across APIs

Rapidly scaled

to high transactions-per-second as demand increased


One of the biggest goals for game and app developers is to create experiences that users don’t want to put down. At the same time, adding in-app purchases helps developers monetize their apps. If developers could provide a seamless, immersive in-app shopping experience for relevant, contextual products, the balance between higher customer engagement and more revenue would be simpler to achieve. 

Now, developers can get the best of both worlds. Amazon Anywhere, a new set of APIs built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), makes it possible for users to discover and buy relevant physical products from Amazon stores without leaving their game or app. Developers and creators can broaden in-game or in-app environments to offer more than only digital products, opening up a new way to engage their audiences without worrying about selection, shipping, or fulfillment.

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Opportunity | Using AWS to Build Great Customer Experiences with Amazon Anywhere

Launched in May 2023 as an invitation-only service, Amazon Anywhere is a set of APIs that developers can use to build a seamless Amazon shopping experience directly within third-party applications. Using Amazon Anywhere, end users can become end customers, purchasing relevant and curated items from Amazon stores without leaving the app. For example, players can instantly order a unique character T-shirt as they play. 

Although Amazon Anywhere began in gaming, developers can use its APIs to create immersive shopping experiences powered by Amazon in other interactive environments, such as augmented reality and mobile apps. This makes it possible for developers to sell physical products—showing users product details from the Amazon catalog, near-real-time pricing, and delivery promises—directly from within the experience. Amazon takes care of the seamless ordering experience, fulfillment, and post-purchase customer service so that developers can focus on creating the games and apps their users love. 

External developers aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of Amazon Anywhere’s capabilities. Thanks to its extensibility, Amazon is using the same core technology to give customers the ability to link their Amazon account to bring the Amazon shopping experience in Amazon advertisements within their favorite social media services. 

Amazon Anywhere is built entirely on AWS and fully integrated with the Amazon Retail infrastructure. “We are building on the trust that AWS has created with its services, scalability, reliability, and performance and paring it with the pricing, selection, and convenience Amazon is known for,” says Steve Macbeth, director of technology for consumer electronics at Amazon Retail.


We are building on the trust that AWS has created with its services, scalability, reliability, and performance.”

Steve Macbeth
Director of Technology for Consumer Electronics, Amazon Retail 

Solution | Achieving 99.999% Service Uptime for Amazon Anywhere

Amazon Anywhere used AWS Fargate—a serverless, pay-as-you-go compute engine—and AWS Lambda—a serverless compute service that developers can use to run code for virtually any type of application without provisioning or managing servers—to build the APIs. It used these services along with Amazon API Gateway, a fully managed service that makes it simple for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at virtually any scale (see Figure 1). “We wanted to make sure that the architecture design takes into account scale and security as the number one priority,” says Maryia De Silva, senior business development manager at AWS. “When the Amazon Anywhere team decides to expand, the solution is so robust that there shouldn’t be any challenges launching it anywhere.”

To speed up the development of the Amazon Anywhere APIs, the team took advantage of AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), which accelerates cloud development using common programming languages to model applications. They also provisioned their application with AWS CloudFormation, which developers use to model, provision, and manage AWS resources by treating infrastructure as a code. “Amazon Anywhere uses AWS CDK to manage its infrastructure as code and deploy to new regions around the world with little effort,” says James Park, a senior AWS solutions architect who worked with the Amazon Anywhere team.

The Amazon Anywhere team built the service to be lightweight for other developers to integrate through a simple public end point and REST APIs. “App developers can rely on Amazon Anywhere to provide a seamless checkout experience,” says Cole Lakes, senior technical product manager for the Amazon Anywhere team. “They don’t need to worry about compliance and security for managing payments or about holding onto physical inventory to ship to their customers. The Amazon shopping experience becomes part of their application for that seamless checkout flow.”

With its simple-to-use APIs, developers can quickly get started with integrations and can hit the ground running as they build the additional experience around the APIs. After a simple integration, partners can expect high performance, low latency, and 99.999 percent uptime.

In addition, Amazon Anywhere has demonstrated how it builds on customers’ trust in Amazon to improve purchase rates for partners. In fact, the team found that, after authenticating their accounts, customers had a high intent to purchase because of the immersion in the shopping experience. “When a customer sees relevant and contextual products in the third-party application and decides to connect their Amazon account to checkout, there’s a high level of intent to actually purchase the product,” says Lakes. “This shows that seeing the right products in the right place increases conversion, helping developers improve their monetization.”

Architecture Diagram

Amazon Anywhere Architecture Diagram

Outcome | Expanding Access to Amazon Anywhere for Worldwide Partners

Amazon Anywhere is set to change the landscape of in-app purchases for physical products. Using Amazon Anywhere, customers no longer need to leave their app or game to have an Amazon shopping experience—they get access to Amazon selections, delivery promises, product details, and customer services. For developers, Amazon Anywhere provides an additional revenue stream by offering relevant products to their audience without worrying about selection, shipping, or fulfillment. 

Currently, Amazon Anywhere is invite only, but the team plans to quickly expand access to more partners and more verticals to keep up with the interest it has received. In addition, the team will take advantage of the scalability and reliability of AWS to make Amazon Anywhere available internationally across different marketplaces. 

“We’re still in the early stages of the service,” says Alex Nguyen, senior business development manager for the Amazon Anywhere team. “But we intend to bring on more partners soon and make this available to developers who want to integrate Amazon Anywhere into their applications or experiences.”

About Amazon Anywhere

Launched in May 2023, Amazon Anywhere is a set of APIs for app and game developers that makes it possible for developers to provide end customers with products from the Amazon catalog directly in their experiences.

AWS Services Used

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-driven compute service that lets you run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without provisioning or managing servers. 

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AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a serverless, pay-as-you-go compute engine that lets you focus on building applications without managing servers. 

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AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation lets you model, provision, and manage AWS and third-party resources by treating infrastructure as code.

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AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) accelerates cloud development using common programming languages to model your applications.

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