Autonomic Builds the Future of Connected Vehicles on AWS


"We're really at the very beginning of the connected vehicle revolution," says Gavin Sherry, CEO of Autonomic. Out of more than a billion vehicles on the road today, only around 50 million are connected vehicles. A major challenge connected vehicle solutions face is messy data coming from varied sensors. According to Sherry, Autonomic's mission is to "Decode that data, normalize it, and put it in a single format so any user can take advantage of this clean, crisp developer-friendly data all in one place.” To accomplish that mission, Autonomic built its Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). “When I think of Amazon Web Services, ultimately, I think of a company that is accelerating my business,” says Sherry.

Ford has chosen Autonomic to power its commitment of 100-percent vehicle connectivity. Through Autonomic, “Ford can solve each part of its technology problem in the same place, counting on the kind of reliability and service that AWS is known for,” explains Sherry.  

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Autonomic and AWS Provide the Foundation of Future Mobility (1:48)

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