AWS offers the best combination of stability, scalability, ease of use, and features.
Dr. Thomas Schilling Head of Engineering/IT, BASF Digital Farming GmbH

The BASF Digital Farming team in the company’s Agricultural Solutions business segment has a mission: to empower farmers to make smarter decisions and contribute to solving the challenge of feeding a growing world population, while at the same time reducing their environmental footprint. To achieve this, BASF Digital Farming runs all-in on AWS.

BASF Digital Farming provides outcome-based services to farmers to help them make smarter and more precise decisions about their crops and agricultural challenges such as crop disease and weather volatility. The organization’s services are based on insights from large amounts of agronomic-relevant data collected at farming sites across the country. The need to process and analyze large amounts of data, optimize and run calibrated models, and transform real-life data streams are what led BASF Digital Farming to select AWS.


“We chose an AWS-based, cloud-only implementation approach directly from the beginning to allow for highly scalable data management and processing, as well as to serve a growing number of customers,” says Thomas Schilling, global head of Information Technology xarvioTM at BASF Digital Farming. “AWS offers the best combination of stability, scalability, ease of use, and features of any cloud platform. In addition, AWS meets our data-privacy and access requirements through its expansive global infrastructure.”