Reamp Lowers Data Processing Costs by 20%, Gains Competitive Edge Using Amazon EC2 A1 Instances

Reamp, a programmatic marketing company, consultant and creator of data-driven media solutions, uses advertising and marketing technology to help its customers improve their digital marketing campaigns. By incorporating data into its platform, Reamp makes it easy for customers to visualize their data and extract meaningful marketing insights.

The Brazilian company has worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) products since 2009 and employs multiple Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance types to serve its customers. As a company in a competitive industry and market, Reamp constantly seeks ways to save on operating costs. “One of my main duties is to find new ways to reduce costs, while maintaining the same performance levels,” says Reamp CTO Emmanuel Santana. Searching for lower costs is part of the company’s growth strategy because lower costs make Reamp more competitive, allowing it to offer products to clients at lower rates. It was the chance to save costs—and thereby grow its customer base—that sparked the company’s interest in Amazon EC2 A1 instances. For Reamp, the use of A1 instances reduced data processing costs by 20 percent, by allowing more work to be done by the same number of instances, which helped increase Reamp's profit significantly.

“One of my main duties is to find new ways to reduce costs, while maintaining the same performance levels. Reamp achieved that by using Amazon EC2 A1 instance types.”

– Emmanuel Santana, CTO, Reamp


  • About Reamp
  • Reamp is a digital marketing campaign optimization company headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil. The company uses technology, technical services, and data to automate processes, reduce media buying costs, and improve campaign performance for customers.

  • Benefits
    • Reduced costs by 20%
    • Passed cost savings to customers as reduced product costs
    • Increased processing capacity by 20%
    • Increased client base by 20%
    • Maintained mission-critical services and SLAs
  • AWS Services Used

Instances for Scale-Out and ARM-Based Workloads

A1 instances are a recent addition to the Amazon EC2 instance offerings. A1 instances deliver significant cost savings for scale-out and ARM-based applications. These instances work well with general-purpose workloads such as containerized microservices, caching fleets, web servers, and distributed data stores. The A1 instance suits Reamp’s workload needs because the company collects and processes data using multiple third-party APIs to deliver meaningful insights for their customers via its data-visualization platform. The platform requires Reamp to process high volumes of text and run high CPU workloads, which are easily managed by its A1 instances. “The solution we run on Amazon EC2 A1 instance types is part of Reamp’s larger architecture of data mining, data processing, and intelligence gathering. It’s essential in providing the interesting analysis that our customers—advertisers and marketing agencies—want from us,” says Santana.

The company found switching to the new instances easy. Reamp seamlessly transitioned its in-house Java applications using the same Ubuntu and OpenJDK software environment. “It’s as easy to configure A1 instances as it is to configure all other EC2 instance types. As a new instance, we thought there might be some initial difficulty, but there wasn’t. The process was straightforward,” says Mauri Cavalcante, tech leader for Datahub, Reamp’s data visualization platform.

Reduced Costs for Mission-Critical Functions

To Santana, saying that A1 instances drive cost savings understates the value they provide to the company. “Cost affects every part of our business. If something costs less, we can reduce our own product costs, improve our products, and make them faster. Using A1 instances makes us more competitive. They allow us to run more processes, add more clients, and have our internal teams spend less time operating our services,” he says.

Reamp’s customers include large companies in Latin America for which advertising is a mission-critical function. The company’s customers require assurance of complete reliability and iron-clad service level agreements (SLAs). Failure to reliably track marketing and ad campaign data results in lower revenue and fewer customers. By using AWS, Reamp doesn’t have to worry about delivering on these requirements. “AWS constantly develops new products that we know will not fail,” Santana says. “That is essential to a business like ours that must maintain SLAs for our customers.”

Santana anticipates Reamp will migrate additional workloads to A1 instances and continue experimenting with faster and cheaper processing. “Some parts of our business would not be possible without AWS products,” he says. “Working with AWS, which constantly develops new products and services, is crucial to the success of our business.”

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