Taco Bell Satisfies Customer Delivery Demand with Serverless on AWS


One of America's most iconic food brands, Taco Bell has over 7,000 restaurants in the US. In this video with Vadim Parizher, vice president of engineering and analytics at Taco Bell, learn how the brand was able to rapidly shift to meet consumer demand for delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Parizher, Taco Bell runs nearly all of its infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses Serverless on AWS to focus less on managing servers and more on building business logic and data transformations to deliver real-time menu and restaurant information to its delivery partners. "We have a menu that is very complex and has to be shared across multiple digital channels. Serverless fits that model really well," says Parizher. By using serverless services, Taco Bell is able to save on upfront costs, start small and only pay for what is needed, and automatically scale as it consumes more services.

Learn more about AWS for Restaurants: aws.amazon.com/travel-and-hospitality/restaurants/.

Taco Bell Delivers (and More) with AWS (2:09)

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