We have reduced response times for our support ticketing solution by 50% by using AWS.
Raja Ukil CIO & Senior Vice President, Wipro Limited
  • Wipro needed a highly scalable and available IT infrastructure to support its mission critical applications
  • The company is running its support ticketing solution on AWS
  • Reduced response times for its support ticketing solution by 50%
  • Maintained high service quality by scaling infrastructure to cope with a rise in requests
  • Improved employee satisfaction and productivity

Wipro Limited is a leading information technology, consulting, and business process services company. Wipro has a dedicated workforce of over 170,000, serving clients in 175 cities across six continents.

The Corporate IT team at Wipro is responsible for the applications and infrastructure used by Wipro employees globally. Over the last few years, Wipro’s IT leadership has focused on themes of simplification, automation, and digitization to deliver great end-user experiences, enhance productivity, and to make IT more agile and cost-effective. Wipro was an early adopter of cloud technologies and had experienced the benefits of scalability, speed of application deployment, and elimination of hardware refreshes. It had also seen a reduction in operational cost from moving to the cloud.

One of Wipro’s applications is Helpline, a mission critical application which processes around 200,000 helpdesk tickets from employees each month. These tickets, which are routed to departments such as IT support, human resources, and facilities management, cover a wide variety of requests. Helpline also integrates with multiple corporate applications and IT systems. Wipro found the on-premise infrastructure supporting the Helpline application couldn’t deliver the performance, scalability, and availability it required.

Kavitha Kadambi, general manager for strategic initiatives at Wipro Limited, says, “A cloud platform would give us the flexibility to scale capacity on-demand. It would also improve speed of deployment, enhance availability, and reduce operational cost. Addressing the infrastructure challenges would allow us to focus our efforts on enhancing Helpline using new technologies such as machine learning and data analytics.”

After an evaluation of multiple cloud providers, Wipro chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) because of the maturity and robustness of the AWS platform. The advantages of the AWS platform included its mature hybrid integration capabilities, advanced network, and security features. In addition, AWS offered a strong track record in operational excellence and service innovation.

To quickly realize the benefits of the cloud, Wipro aimed to complete the entire migration to AWS within 60 days. The project team, led by Ankur Jalpota, practice head, strategy and transformation at Wipro Limited, and in close coordination with AWS architects, drew up a detailed project plan covering the architecture, its connectivity, a migration plan, and user acceptance testing. The target AWS architecture was designed to deliver high availability for each component of the three-tier application. This includes a SQL server always-on (AON) configuration for the database and servers distributed across two availability zones, enhanced performance using solid-state drive (SSD) storage volumes, and secure access to each web addresses using secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption. It also includes restricting access to instances using a combination of security groups and network access control lists (ACL), and leverage SSL off-loading, reverse proxy, caching, and sticky sessions on the load balancer.

A key part of the migration plan involved ensuring that the 12 integrations between the Helpline application on AWS and other on-premise systems in the Wipro datacenter were documented and thoroughly tested. These included a cloud-operations-center solution, an IT asset management system, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, an authentication system, and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Wipro also chose to introduce machine learning capabilities to resolve tickets faster by integrating Helpline with the Wipro HOLMES Artificial Intelligence Platform™.

“We were able to meet our migration deadline thanks to the great coordination between the Wipro and AWS teams. We had contingency and roll-back plans in place at the time of cutover but didn’t have to invoke any of them. This was definitely one of the smoothest cloud migrations we have experienced to date,” says Ramakanta Chowdhury, program manager, strategy and transformation at Wipro Limited.

Today, when employees want to raise a ticket, they login to the Helpline application, which is now running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, launched inside Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) environments. To manage the variable loads the application frequently experiences, Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling distribute incoming traffic and scale the number of Amazon EC2 instances. Data backups and snapshots are durably stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). AWS CloudTrail records all API calls, which enables security analysis and compliance auditing by Wipro staff.

The figure below illustrates Wipro’s environment in AWS:

Wipro’s environment in AWS

Moving to AWS has ensured easy access to the Helpdesk application anytime and from anywhere. “We have reduced response times for our support ticketing solution by 50 percent using AWS, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity,” says Raja Ukil, chief information officer and senior vice president at Wipro Limited. The performance of the AWS environment and the addition of machine learning have reduced the time it takes to close tickets. “After going live, we started monitoring the utilization of our resources and fine-tuned the infrastructure sizing,” says Ankur Jalpota. “This resulted in an additional 20 percent reduction in our initially provisioned infrastructure versus what we forecasted. This was simply not possible in our on-premise environment.”

“The Helpline migration to the AWS Cloud has been a great opportunity to partner with AWS to deliver improved business and IT alignment.” says Ankur Jalpota. “We intend to build on this strategic partnership by leveraging AWS capabilities in the areas of artificial intelligence, mobility, and analytics.”

Wipro and AWS also share a strong global partnership which continues to expand rapidly, and its joint customers are benefitting from the shared value of putting custome\rs first and a strong focus on innovation at the intersection of business and technology.

Varun Dube, general manager – AWS practice at Wipro Limited says, “Innovation is in our organization’s DNA. This success story is a great testimony to how Wipro is leveraging AWS for innovating and reimagining its internal business platforms and processes in the digital era. We have been a premier consulting partner of AWS for five years, and we aim to be an innovation-led cloud partner in our customers’ digital transformation journey with a strong foundation on AWS.  We have a strong 360-degree partnership with AWS, and our “customer first” approach is key in creating three-way-wins for clients, Wipro, and AWS.”

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