What does this AWS Solution do?

Operations Conductor helps customers reduce operational complexity and enables administrators to quickly create manual, event-based or time-based invocations for managing resources.

This solution creates a simple web interface for automating and orchestrating operational tasks, and deploys a set of common operational actions that can be configured to automate administration tasks, resource scaling, and cost management. The solution can be customized and extended to fit your business needs.

AWS Solution overview

The diagram below presents the architecture you can automatically deploy using the solution's implementation guide and accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

Operations Conductor architecture on AWS

This solution includes an AWS CloudFormation template that you deploy in the primary account. This template launches an Amazon API Gateway to invoke the solution's microservices (AWS Lambda functions). The microservices provide the business logic to manage events and tasks. The microservices interact with Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), AWS Systems Manager, and Amazon DynamoDB to provide storage for task details and results.

The primary template automatically generates additional AWS CloudFormation templates in an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. The templates enable you to create cross-account and region AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to perform actions in secondary accounts and regions, and forward events. You can modify and build upon these templates to create custom actions that extend the solution’s functionality.

Operations Conductor

Version 1.0.2
Last updated: 12/2021
Author: AWS

Estimated deployment time: 30 min

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Operations Conductor leverages AWS Systems Manager to store the business logic for a set of pre-defined automated actions this solution can perform on your resources.

Web console

The solution includes a web console that enables users to create and configure tasks, monitor executions, and trigger manual task executions.


You can extend this solution’s functionality by adding your own custom actions using the included web console’s action catalog.

Cross-account and cross-region automation

Use the included AWS CloudFormation templates to more easily configure task execution across accounts and regions.
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