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From Airbnb to ZocDoc, the world's top startups build on AWS. But they didn't do it alone. Learn how to get started, connect with other founders, and find the technical and business resources you need to grow your business. There’s a reason more startups build on AWS than any other provider: We're here to help you succeed, from inception to IPO.

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AWS Activate provides startups with a low-cost, easy-to-use infrastructure to help scale and grow their businesses. With AWS Activate, startups get access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS—including credits, technical support, and training.

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Find the right tools, documentation, and resources to help you get your startup off the ground.
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Getting Started
Whether you want to build a mobile app, a single-page app, or a public-facing API, we’ve got you covered.
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Learn how to choose a database, deploy serverless, set up an API backend, and more.
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Page-Illo_AWS-Startups-hub-page_Getting the Most Out of AWS
Getting the Most Out of AWS
Get tips on how to set up your AWS account, optimize your costs, and monitor your security.
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Connect and Learn from Other Founders

Our mission, quite simply, is to help startups succeed. That's why we offer a broad range of programs and services beyond our infrastructure services to support startups as they launch, grow, and scale.
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AWS Startup Events
From intimate chats to powerful keynotes to in-person and virtual workshops, AWS Startup Events span the globe and offer startups advice and information customized for their respective regions and industries.
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AWS Lofts
The AWS Lofts are physical spaces in the United States, Japan, and Israel where founders, developers, and entrepreneurs can build their startup, attend Ask an Expert office hours, and more.
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AWS Startup Podcast
The Startup podcast offers advice from startup founders to other startup founders in a four-question format. We ask about founders' favorite tools, most effective leadership routines, lessons learned, and what they do with their spare time.
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Startup Success with AWS

Learn how successful startups have used AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.
Airbnb benefits from the scalability, agility, and reliability provided by AWS.
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Mapbox can collect 100 million miles of telemetry data every day using AWS.
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Lyft is going all in on AWS to deliver better customer experiences and focus on innovation.
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Nextdoor has relied on AWS to support every component of its platform.
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Additional Resources


AWS EdStart

AWS EdStart, the AWS educational technology (EdTech) startup accelerator, is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions on the AWS Cloud. Learn more.


AWS Public Sector

Public Sector startups drive technology and business innovation for government, education, nonprofit, and non-governmental organizations. AWS helps startups develop next-generation technology to combat homelessness, enable first responders, empower students, and more. Learn more.


AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace makes it easy for startups to grow at scale by giving you access to millions of AWS customers looking for innovative products from startups like you. We help you get the visibility you need to gain traction in the market, allowing you more time to focus on your core business. Learn more.


AWS Partner Network

The AWS Partner Network (APN) Global Startup Program is for startup APN Select & Advanced Technology Partners looking to grow their products on AWS. Our dedicated startup resources provide support through technical validation, go-to-market support & sales enablement to support startups at the speed they need. Learn more.