AWS announces 25 startups selected for the AWS Impact Accelerator for Women Founders

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Fresh off the success of the inaugural Amazon Web Services (AWS) Impact Accelerator for Black founders, AWS is continuing its $30 million commitment to provide underrepresented founders with the resources, capital, and community they need to level the startup playing field.

Narrowing the gender funding gap

For our next cohort, AWS is working toward narrowing the gender funding gap of the startup world. Soon, 25 women founders will arrive at AWS headquarters in Seattle, WA, to kick off their intensive eight-week program. The finalists were selected from a competitive field of applicants and chosen by a diverse committee of AWS Startups experts based on the strength of their idea, technical readiness, and interviews with our team.

The 25 startups, by industry

We’re excited to help the following founders from across the US accelerate their businesses and to learn more about the wide range of ideas, backgrounds, and industries they represent.

Each of these startups will receive up to $225,000 in cash and AWS Activate credits, an extensive and individually curated training curriculum, mentoring and technical guidance, introductions to Amazon leaders and teams, networking opportunities with potential investors, and ongoing advisory support.

Additionally, the program provides each of these founders the opportunity to augment their network and foster friendships and partnerships with their fellow founders that will outlast the intensive eight weeks.

AWS is committed to delivering guidance and resources beyond the duration of the program and becoming a trusted partner as these women founders grow and accelerate their businesses. In the months and years ahead, the startups will have access to a virtual community, alumni events, curriculum (including future content), plus the opportunity to tap into ongoing support from program mentors and experts.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the AWS Impact Accelerator for Women Founders.

Industry: Education

Dreami | Founder: Ashima Sharma | Location: California

Dreami powers mentorship-driven workforce development programs for Educational, Non-Profit, Government organizations. The platform streamlines mentor-mentee matching, scheduling, training and tracking, to create high-impact opportunities for work-ready candidates.

Local Civics | Founder: Beverly Leon | Location: New York

Local Civics enables K-12 students and educators to build civic engagement and community leadership skills through a game-based digital learning platform. It teaches young people about power and how to harness their unique gifts to empower themselves and their communities.

TeeRead | Founding Team: Trinidad Bensusan Millé & Gabriele Battiato | Location: Florida

TeeRead is a platform for parents and teachers that uses AI speech recognition to make reading intervention scalable. The platform automatically diagnoses students’ reading levels, pinpoints reading issues and curates content based on a student’s ability.

Industry: Financial Services

Miren | Founder: Gabriela Campoverde | Location: New York

Miren provides community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and non-profit small business foundations with software that helps them engage with communities and mission-driven startups to distribute beneficial capital to some of the nation’s most underserved neighborhoods.

Totem | Founder: Amber Buker | Location: Oklahoma

Totem was founded and funded by Native Americans to create pathways to financial inclusion for Indigenous people through digital banking. Totem partners with sovereign tribal governments to provide relevant financial products and education, and to make tribal benefits more accessible.

Walkthrough | Founder: Megan Valentine | Location: Pennsylvania

Walkthrough gives users access to personalized financial advice to help them on their financial journey. The app incorporates behavioral science and gamification to keep members encouraged and motivated as they make decisions about investing, spending, wealth management and more.

Industry: Gaming

rrecess | Founder: Bee Law | Location: Oklahoma

rrecess is a timed social game with friends and “friends of friends.” The app connects people through shared interests and randoms, bringing them together at specific times of the day for meaningful interactions. rrecess represents a community-driven solution to social media fatigue.

Industry: Government

Cleare | Founding Team: Tisia Saffold & Ian Kiku | Location: Virginia

The childcare industry is at the forefront of our economy; however, 80% of daycares today operate without a viable tech solution. Cleare is compliance software for home and center daycares that streamlines the licensing inspection process and digitizes document collection.

Industry: Healthcare

EmpiricaLab | Founder: Norma Padron | Location: Texas

EmpiricaLab is a collaborative knowledge-sharing platform that enables peer-based training for healthcare teams. The platform connects team members with customized, relevant training content, empowering them to set, work toward, and achieve goals in a professional setting.

Euphoria | Founder: Kate Anthony | Location: Colorado

Euphoria helps transgender individuals navigate the arduous process of gender transition through a combination of four unique apps. Solace is a healthcare navigator app; Bliss helps financially plan for transition; Clarity is a sense-of-self tracker; and Devotion is a daily affirmations app.

Nessle | Founder: Carly Buxton | Location: Virginia

The Nessle platform helps new and expectant parents connect with perinatal experts nationwide. Through a highly-filterable, responsive web platform, parents can search, find and pay for virtual and in-person support from trained experts across the full spectrum of parenting concerns.

RxPlace | Founding Team: Patty Bollenbach & Franklin Williams | Location: California

RxPlace digitizes the process of medication procurement, while bringing transparency and efficiency to prescription fulfillment. RxPlace delivers a frictionless purchasing experience for pharmacists, so they can focus on clinical responsibilities and spend more time with patients.

Industry: Human Resources/Talent Acquisition

Culturora | Founder: Jody Madala | Location: Pennsylvania

Culturora is a networking platform that helps companies build a more inclusive workplace culture, to attract and retain top talent. The app engages employees and encourages them to participate in purposeful conversations using video technology and conversation prompts.

DIVERSD | Founder: Jennifer Williams & Jared Alessandroni | Location: New York

DIVERSD is an AI-driven approach to shaping Human Resources around the concerns of overlooked groups. A “CDO in a box,” DIVERSD offers a bot interface for nonjudgmental HR interactions, pattern detection to subvert marginalization and integrations to preserve anonymity.

Matchplicity | Founding Team: Lauren Burke Silva, Jovan Silva, Lori Burke, & Zita Steglich-Ross | Location: Washington D.C.

Matchplicity is decentralizing recruitment platforms by empowering niche, community-based organizations to mobilize their professional populations. The platform connects the most qualified candidates directly to hiring companies through an AI-powered matchmaking platform.

Industry: Media & Entertainment

ForUsApps | Founder: Saniya Shah & Omer Winrauke | Location: New Hampshire

ForUsApps gives content creators next-gen AI-powered tools to support startups and side-hustles. The company’s collection of technologies is accessible, practical and, most importantly, easy to use by creators and businesses as they seek to scale their social media presence.

Industry: Professional Services

Call Emmy | Founder: Arezou Zarafshan | Location: Colorado

Call Emmy is an on-demand marketplace that connects hyperlocal, qualified household and childcare service providers to families. The company seeks to solve some of the most persistent daily challenges working families face, while prioritizing accessibility, convenience and safety.

Clyn | Founder: Diana Muturia | Location: Arizona

Clyn is a SaaS-enabled marketplace platform for home upkeep and cleaning services. By combining a marketplace model and SaaS tools, Clyn helps service providers grow their scope of services to attract and retain customers, and gives them the autonomy to scale their business.

Dinner Daily | Founder: Laurin Mills | Location: Massachusetts

Dinner Daily offers personalized meal planning for consumers and strategic growth opportunities for grocers. The app solves the challenges of dinner planning by generating unique shopping lists specific to local grocers, while helping consumers save money and eat better week after week.

Industry: Retail

Glou | Founder: Karen Lee | Location: Massachusetts

Glou is the first consumer-to-consumer beauty marketplace, enabling users to buy and sell makeup, skincare and beauty products. The platform empowers beauty enthusiasts to become more conscious consumers, pushing against an industry that encourages over-consumption.

Industry: Software & Internet

Alta Tools | Founding Team: Son Ca Vu & Scott Ostler | Location: California

Alta is an AI-powered mobile platform that helps anyone design, build and launch mobile apps. With its simple no-code interface, powerful automation and smart design tools, Alta empowers businesses to quickly build and launch mobile apps across all major platforms simultaneously.

Monday Hero | Founding Team: Nazli Temurtas & Burcu Geneci | Location: California

Monday Hero is a low-code SaaS platform that helps startups, freelancers and mobile development companies create mobile apps 60% faster. The platform automatically converts Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch App and other design files to code, to expedite build times.

Standd | Founding Team: Julie Saltman & Stephen Solka | Location: Washington D.C.

Standd is a SaaS platform that gives lawyers visibility over their firm’s information, how it’s connected and how their team is using it. The platform integrates files with the data storage and research systems lawyers rely on, to enable quicker decision-making and better outcomes.

Industry: Sustainability

ECGO | Founder: Nicole Toole | Location: Georgia

ECGO rewards users for their recycling efforts. The app offers incentives to college and university students who choose to recycle, including discounts to popular restaurants and local businesses. ECGO aims to create a connection between recycling and reward at a personal level.

Industry: Travel

Inclusive Journeys | Founding Team: Crystal Egli & Parker McMullen Bushman | Location: Colorado

Inclusive Journeys helps people of marginalized identities find safe and welcoming spaces when traveling—and encourages inclusive businesses to open their doors to an even wider segment of customers. The app helps users locate, rate and review inclusive spaces wherever they travel.

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