Amazon Route 53 Resolver

Resolve Domain Name System (DNS) queries in hybrid cloud environments

How it works

Amazon Route 53 Resolver provides a robust toolset for DNS query resolution across AWS, the internet, and on-premises networks with secure control over your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) DNS.

Amazon Route 53 Resolver

Use cases

Resolve hybrid cloud DNS queries

Resolve DNS queries locally on AWS Outposts or create Route 53 endpoints and conditional forwarding rules to resolve DNS namespaces between on-premises data centers and Amazon VPCs.

Secure DNS traffic

Define firewall rules using Amazon Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall to inspect and block DNS queries from custom and pre-defined domain name lists. Enhance security and privacy for DNS queries by sending and receiving DNS data over HTTPS using TLS.

Configure with flexibility

Manage internal DNS resource hostnames and customize traffic flow for granular control over your routing with Amazon Route 53 Private DNS.

How to get started

Find out how Amazon Route 53 Resolver works

Learn more about resolving DNS queries between VPCs and your network.

Discover Amazon Route 53 Resolver best practices

Review tips for endpoint scaling, high availability, and more.

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