Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee. Estimate your monthly bill using the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator.

$0.50 per hosted zone / month for the first 25 hosted zones
$0.10 per hosted zone / month for additional hosted zones

The monthly hosted zone prices listed above are not prorated for partial months. A hosted zone is charged upon set-up and on the first day of each subsequent month. To allow testing, a hosted zone that is deleted within 12 hours of creation is not charged; however, any queries on that zone will be charged at the rates below.

Need more than 500 hosted zones? Please contact us.

$50.00 per policy record / month

A policy record represents the application of an Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow policy to a specific DNS name (such as in order to use the traffic policy to manage traffic for that DNS name. The monthly price listed above is prorated for partial months. There is no charge for traffic policies that are not associated with a DNS name via a policy record.

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Please note that Amazon Route 53 is not currently available on the AWS Free Tier.

$0.400 per million queries – first 1 Billion queries / month
$0.200 per million queries – over 1 Billion queries / month

$0.600 per million queries – first 1 Billion queries / month
$0.300 per million queries – over 1 Billion queries / month

$0.700 per million queries – first 1 Billion queries / month
$0.350 per million queries – over 1 Billion queries / month

The query prices listed above are prorated; for instance, a hosted zone with 100,000 standard queries would be charged $0.040 and a hosted zone with 100,000 Latency Based Routing queries would be charged $0.060.

Queries to Alias records that are mapped to Elastic Load Balancers, Amazon CloudFront distributions, AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments, and Amazon S3 website buckets are free. Alias records can be created for all query types: standard queries, latency-based routing queries, and geo queries. These queries are listed as “Intra-AWS-DNS-Queries”, “Intra-AWS-LBR-Queries”, or “Intra-AWS-Geo-Queries” on the Amazon Route 53 usage report.

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New and existing customers receive health checks of up to 50 AWS endpoints** that are within or linked to the same AWS account for free.

  AWS Endpoints Non-AWS Endpoints
Basic Health Checks $0.50* per health check / month $0.75 per health check / month

Optional health check features:

  • String Matching
  • Fast Interval
  • Latency Measurement
$1.00 / month per optional feature $2.00 / month per optional feature

The monthly health check prices listed above are prorated for partial months.

Need more than 50 health checks? Please contact us.

* New and existing customers are not charged for health checks on up to 50 AWS endpoints (described below) that are within or linked to their AWS account (the “Offer”). The Offer is subject to the AWS Customer Agreement and is a Special Pricing Program under the AWS Service Terms. You will be charged AWS’s standard rates for any use that exceeds the free usage amount provided under the Offer. Unused usage amounts remaining at the end of the Offer term do not roll over. When calculating your use of AWS services under the Offer, we will aggregate your use across all AWS regions.

** An "AWS endpoint" is a resource running within AWS (e.g., an Amazon EC2 instance) that is provisioned within the same AWS account as the health check or billed to the same account as the health check. Calculated health checks and metric based health checks are billed as health checks of an AWS endpoint. You are not billed for health checks of Elastic Load Balancing resources or Amazon S3 website bucket endpoints. Health checks of Elastic Load Balancing resources and Amazon S3 website bucket endpoints are provisioned automatically by AWS and are available for no additional charge as part of Amazon Route 53.


When using Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming, you pay only for Route 53 resources created by the APIs: Route 53 hosted zones, DNS queries and Route 53 health checks.


Pricing for domain names varies by TLD. View a full list of current pricing by TLD. Domain names are registered in annual increments. Prices listed are per domain-year unless otherwise noted. We do not currently offer volume discount pricing for domain registrations.

There is a limit of 50 domain name registrations per account. To request a higher limit, please contact us.


The prices above are exclusive of applicable taxes, fees, or similar governmental charges, if any exist, except as otherwise noted. You may not use Promotional Credit for any fees or charges for Amazon Route 53 domain name registration. For more information regarding use of Promotional Credits, please click here.