Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller

Simplify and automate recovery for highly available applications

Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller gives you insights into whether your applications and resources are ready for recovery, and helps you manage and coordinate failover using readiness check and routing control features. These features continually monitor your application’s ability to recover from failures, and enables you to control your application recovery across multiple AWS Regions, Availability Zones, and on premises. These capabilities make application recoveries simpler and more reliable by eliminating the manual steps required by traditional tools and processes.

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Simplify recovery

With Application Recovery Controller, you can use routing control and readiness check in the Route 53 console to view and manage the readiness state of your application, and quickly execute recoveries with a few clicks. These features support active-active and/or active standby applications at any scale.

Validate & define recoverability operations

Application Recovery Controller continually monitors resource quotas, capacity, and network routing policies, suggesting remediation when changes are made that would affect your ability to execute a recovery operation. With configurable safety rules, you can prevent operators or automated policies from taking recovery actions that might lead to unexpectedly long recovery times.

Maintain high availability

With Application Recovery Controller, you now have the ability to reliably mitigate failures in minutes, for even your largest and most critical applications, by rerouting application traffic between multiple isolated environments, improving your application’s availability.

How it works

How Route53 Application Recovery Controller works

Use cases

Large-scale application recovery

Application Recovery Controller’s readiness check continually monitors your AWS resources and routing policies to ensure that your recovery environment is scaled and configured to take over when needed. During a failure in even your largest and most complex applications, you can scale out your application replica, whether standby or active, and use routing control to quickly shift end-user traffic, thereby restoring availability.

Mitigating partial application failures

Route 53 Application Recovery Controller provides you with the tools you need to have confidence in a successful application recovery and to failover quickly. Trigger routing control for recovery even during a partial failure, such as a millisecond increase in latency or a 5% increase in error rates.

Reliable application design

A well-architected application can quickly recover from a failure. Use Route 53 Application Recovery Controller’s readiness check to analyze your DNS routing policy for recommendations on how to improve your existing architecture’s recoverability. If you are not currently operating using a recovery-oriented architecture with application replicas, you can get started with Route 53 Application Recovery Controller documentation.

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