AWS Data Exchange for Data Files

Automatically export new or updated data to your Amazon S3 buckets


Key benefits for data subscribers

Improve segmentation

Direct data loads

When subscribing to a file-based data product, customers can use the AWS Data Exchange API to load data directly into Amazon S3.

Deploy models

Comprehensive data delivery

For file delivery, AWS Data Exchange supports all file types that S3 supports including images, audio files, satellite imagery, CSV files, movies, shapefiles and more.

Improve segmentation

Automatic data exports

Customers can use auto-export to automatically export new data set revisions to an S3 bucket, which saves time and effort exporting data and managing ingestion of data pipelines. They can also configure naming patterns to store revisions in a structured way.

Improve segmentation

Data analysis and machine learning (ML) integration

Once exported to S3, customers can use our stack of analytics and ML services to prepare, analyze and visualize data as well as merge it with their first-party data.

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How AWS Data Exchange works for data files

Source data files

are imported by providers and stored in Amazon S3 buckets

AWS Data Exchange

adds it to the catalog of 300+ data providers and 3,500+ data products

Your data file subscriptions

are exported to your Amazon S3 buckets

Once loaded to your environment the data can integrated with

AWS Data Services

Build data lakes, prepare, query, process, and visualize data

AWS Machine Learning

Train models, analyze business metrics, build applications

Third-party tools

Integrate with a wide range of software

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Let us help you find the data you need

Speak with an AWS Data Exchange expert who can help you find the solutions you need to make smarter decisions.

AWS Data Exchange learning resources


This innovative resource is designed as a broad compilation of use cases submitted by AWS Marketplace data providers. Each contributor tells a concise but unique story of how they solved a particular business challenge through a reliable third-party data solution.

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Using external data to accelerate business in a post-vaccinated world
Using external data to accelerate business in a post-vaccinated world
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Find data sets
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