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This is customer obsession and advanced technology at the forefront of changing business. AWS operates at the speed of CPG—the speed of relevance. AWS is the only cloud that offers CPG companies investment protection across the value chain, thanks to 20 years of experience helping organizations optimize their businesses. From AI/ML-powered smart factories and supply chain to data-driven marketing and personalization, we’re in this with you—integrating and building experiences that are as personal and impactful as your connections to your brand consumers.

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Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Power innovative processes and optimize production at global scale. Leverage AWS IoT Services, edge computing, data lakes, and advanced analytics tools to improve manufacturing operations that impact the bottom line. Get the right tools to capture, analyze, visualize, and execute plant floor data to inform new ways to drive efficiency and reduce costs. AWS helps your Smart Factory improve business operations by:

  • Enabling access to disparate plan data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Adding AI and Machine Learning for real-time predictive analytics capabilities
  • Creating a disaster recovery plan in the cloud
Intelligent Supply Chain

Intelligent Supply Chain

Navigate seamless traceability and delivery of products from source to consumer. Create advantages through transparency, efficiency, and improved operations with advanced AWS capabilities that help CPG companies solve complex problems. Move products through traditional channels and eCommerce networks by improving the planning and execution of inbound and outbound product shipments. AWS solutions help drive Intelligent Supply Chain through:

  • AWS Forecast helps CPGs improve the accuracy of their demand forecast which reduces out of stock issues
  • AWS services and our extensive network of expert partners enable CPG product supply organizations to have visibility and traceability from source supplier to the consumer’s front door 
  • Integrating data and analytics sources enables the CPG organization to make the supply chain more intelligent
Connected Consumer

Connected Consumer

Create engaged connectivity and improve brand relevance across all aspects of consumer engagement. In an ever-changing global digital landscape, AWS drives data-informed personal experiences with a suite of services that enable CPG organizations to enhance strategic activations across platforms and channels through:

  • Amazon Personalize—powering personal experiences and recommendations
  • AWS Artificial Intelligence—enabling CPGs to easily interact with consumers across digital, social, and mobile
  • AI tools: Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Recognition, Amazon Translate—to address specific marketing needs


Accelerate Innovation

Operating at the speed of CPG—the speed of relevance—creates a culture of innovation that helps AWS deliver for customers with startup-like agility. Our 20 years of experience running one of the world’s largest and most successful commerce platforms allows AWS to share capabilities in areas like High Performance Computing (HPC). The capacity of HPC allows CPGs to improve their pace of innovation, and their speed to market, without the need for large capital investments—reducing time-to-results production while running parallel tasks that would not be practical in most on-premises environments.

Digital Experience

The same experience, culture of innovation, and relentless success with connecting consumers across platforms helps companies handle priority CPG workloads with exceptional speed—especially at the petabyte scale and millisecond latency required by today’s marketing stack. This allows for near real-time optimization by analyzing marketing effectiveness more completely across the entire product journey to unlock more relevant and personal connections. It also allows for future scenarios like chain-of-customer valuation fueled by computer vision.

Intelligent Insights

Enabling over 10,000 data lakes has provided AWS with deep experience across industries. Our steep track record of connecting data sets allows us to work with customers to identify insights that optimize decision-making models across manufacturing, supply chain and marketing. Placing access to critical information right at your fingertips and designing the right data platform on AWS makes it easy to organize and tailor any CPG data lake to securely store, categorize, and analyze everything in one centralized repository. This can then be combined with cost-effective and powerful analytics tools to process, analyze, and visualize data—providing real-time and predictive analytics to improve manufacturing, supply chain and consumer engagement for CPG companies.

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