Citrix DaaS on Amazon WorkSpaces Core (Preview)

Extend Citrix virtual desktop environments to the highly scalable AWS Cloud for reduced costs, improved security, and optimized productivity

With Amazon WorkSpaces Core, organizations running Citrix on-premises can extend their virtual desktop (VDI) environment to the highly scalable, cost-effective, secure AWS Cloud while continuing to use their existing Citrix management software and Citrix HDX technology.

Citrix DaaS on WorkSpaces Core gives organizations the flexibility to move to the cloud at their own pace—running a hybrid solution including virtual desktops on-premises and virtual desktops on WorkSpaces Core, or fully migrating their Citrix virtual desktop environment to WorkSpaces Core. 


Improve scalability

Use your existing Citrix management software to provision users in the highly scalable AWS Cloud, without dealing with the long lead times associated with procuring new on-premises infrastructure. Manage the entire solution with your existing Citrix virtual desktop software.

Reduce costs

AWS offers flexible billing options and pay-as-you-go pricing, allowing you to only pay for resources used. By eliminating the need for capacity planning, you free internal resources to focus on higher ROI initiatives. 

Access the latest technology

AWS enables you to keep the underlying infrastructure up to date with the latest technology with no need to wait for a hardware refresh.

Maintain a strong security posture

Running Citrix DaaS on WorkSpaces Core allows you to bolster security by leveraging highly secure, fully managed AWS Cloud infrastructure.

Enhance user productivity

AWS global scale allows WorkSpaces Core resources to be placed in close geographic proximity to end users while data is transmitted through the high-speed AWS backbone, minimizing latency and optimizing end-user experience. 

Optimize reliability

WorkSpaces Core offers reliable preformance supported by a 99.9% uptime SLA.

How it works

The Amazon WorkSpaces Core API integrates directly with Citrix DaaS, allowing you to provision and scale resources to meet your specific requirements.

Use cases

VDI Migration

Deploy Citrix DaaS on WorkSpaces Core as a hybrid solution now to begin enjoying the benefits of the AWS Cloud, then plan a full migration of your Citrix DaaS environment to WorkSpaces Core when the time is right for your business. 

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Build a disaster recovery (DR) site at AWS and avoid over-provisioning with consumption-based pricing, ensuring your users can continue working should an issue arise.

Data center extension

Add and extend desktop and application workloads (including “bursting”) to the AWS Cloud without investing time or capital in additional data center resources.  

Optimize productivity of IT staff and end users

Since IT staff continues using their familiar Citrix virtual desktop management software, no retraining of IT staff or end users is required. AWS global scale allows you to place VDI resources close to end users, helping minimize latency while enhancing end-user experience and productivity.