VMware Horizon 8 powered by Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Unified, hybrid VDI solution simplifies management, enhances security, and reduces costs

Combine trusted VMware Horizon 8 virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software with the reliability of Amazon WorkSpaces Core infrastructure. Used together, these solutions allow you to use VMware VDI software to manage pay-as-you-go infrastructure that eliminates the need for capacity planning or migration. 

VMware Horizon 8 powered by WorkSpaces Core allows organizations running VMware Horizon 8 on-premises to continue providing a consistent end-user experience through VMware Horizon 8 and the Blast/PCoIP streaming protocol, while taking advantage of the security, reliability, and cost savings associated with fully managed AWS virtual desktop infrastructure.

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Consistent end-user experience

Transitioning from VMware Horizon 8 on-premises to VMware Horizon 8 powered by WorkSpaces Core is completely transparent for end users, with no disruption in service or need to update client software.

Easy for IT staff

The end-to-end hybrid solution is managed through the familiar VMware Horizon 8 management console. When migrating to VMware Horizon 8 on WorkSpaces Core, you maintain consistent peripheral and protocol support, while gaining the flexibility to distribute infrastructure across multiple AWS Regions to minimize end-user latency.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Usage-based pricing allows you to move virtual desktops to the cloud on your terms and at your own pace, only paying for what you use. No over-provisioning or capacity planning necessary.

How it works

The Amazon WorkSpaces Core API integrates directly with VMware Horizon 8, allowing you to provision and scale resources to meet your specific requirements.

WorkSpaces core and VMware Horizon 8

Use cases

VDI Migration

Migrate from on-premises to the AWS Cloud to improve reliability, security, and operational costs. Deploy VMware Horizon 8 on WorkSpaces Core as a hybrid solution to begin enjoying the benefits of the AWS Cloud now, while completing the migration at your own pace.  

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Build a disaster recovery (DR) site at AWS and avoid over-provisioning with consumption-based pricing, ensuring your users can continue working should an issue arise.

Data center extension

Add and extend desktop and application workloads (including “bursting”) to the AWS Cloud without investing time or capital in additional data center resources.  

Performance optimization

With third-party applications running increasingly on AWS Cloud infrastructure, deploying a VDI solution in close proximity to applications can help improve performance.