Posted On: Sep 6, 2017

The Amazon WorkDocs SDK now supports OAuth 2.0 for user authorization in third-party applications. OAuth 2.0 allows users to access content and feedback on Amazon WorkDocs through third-party applications. Using the Amazon WorkDocs API, these applications can programmatically manage user content, feedback, metadata, labels, permission, activity tracking, and notifications at a user level. You can easily build or integrate security, enterprise content management systems, productivity, project management, and other applications with Amazon WorkDocs.  

To get started, register your application by visiting the Amazon WorkDocs management portal. Once registered, you can challenge end users for their credentials in your application. Once authorized using OAuth 2.0, you can access Amazon WorkDocs API user actions through your application. Amazon WorkDocs site administers can use AWS CloudTrail to monitor API calls. They can also disable applications from accessing their users’ content at any time. The Amazon WorkDocs SDK is part of the AWS SDK so you can easily take advantage of the power of the AWS platform for security, monitoring, business logic, storage, and app development. 

This feature is available today in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkDocs is available. The Amazon WorkDocs SDK is available for Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, and Ruby. To learn more, please see Amazon WorkDocs SDK

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