The Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK, currently in public preview, provides full administrator level access to WorkDocs site resources, allowing developers to integrate their applications and manage WorkDocs users, content and permissions programmatically. ISVs can sell their WorkDocs integrated applications in AWS marketplace, and site administrators can discover, deploy and manage these applications directly from the WorkDocs administrator console.

Typical applications that can be integrated with Amazon WorkDocs using the Administrative SDK include:

  • Security and compliance: Auditing, anti-virus scanning and data loss protection (DLP) applications can scan Amazon WorkDocs content either periodically or as new contents gets added, to detect security threats and data leakage, and take mitigation actions such as purging or quarantining files and enforce appropriate permission policies. 
  • Content migration: Migrate users and content from on-premises and cloud content repositories to WorkDocs, by automating user account provisioning, replicating folder structures, uploading files and setting permissions. 
  • Content integration: Integrate WorkDocs content natively into web and mobile applications
You can sign up for the public preview here.

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The Amazon WorkDocs Administrative API offers the following features:
  • Available in Java and Python languages, to all six AWS regions that Amazon WorkDocs is available today
  • Automatic signing of API requests with SigV4 authentication
  • Integrated with AWS IAM to manage roles and permissions
  • Real-time notifications with Amazon SNS integration
  • Integrated with AWS Cloud Trail for monitoring

Q. What specific actions can be taken on Amazon WorkDocs content programmatically using the Administrative SDK?

The Administrative SDK allows you to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) actions on WorkDocs’ Users, Folders, Files, and Permissions. You can also subscribe to notifications that Amazon WorkDocs sends with Amazon SNS. The detailed API documentation with syntax, responses and data types for the above actions can be found here.

Q. What is included in the Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK public preview?

The Administrative SDK includes administrative APIs in Java and Python programming languages, instructions for setting up your development environment, API reference documentation, and code samples.

Q. Will I be charged any fee for using the Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK and making the API calls?

No, the Administrative SDK is a free download and API calls are free of any charge during the public preview. This is subject to change for general availability.

Q. How long will the Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK public preview run?

We do not have an end date planned at this time, but we anticipate the program to run for several months.

Q. Are there limits to number of API calls my application can make to Amazon WorkDocs during the Administrative SDK public preview?

There are currently no prescribed limits to the number of API calls, but applications with excessive requests will be throttled.

Q. Where can I find update on and support for the Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK public preview program?

You can get support and the latest updates on preview program in the Amazon WorkDocs forum.

You can sign-up for the public preview here. You can access the latest updates and support in the Amazon WorkDocs Forum.

For more information, please check out the API Reference Documentation.