The Amazon WorkDocs SDK removes the complexity of building content collaboration and management capabilities into your solutions and applications by providing full administrator and user level access to Amazon WorkDocs site resources. You can build new applications or create integrations with existing solutions and applications on Amazon WorkDocs. The Amazon WorkDocs SDK is part of the AWS SDK so you can easily take advantage of the power of the AWS platform for security, monitoring, business logic, storage, and app development.

You can authenticate administrative WorkDocs API actions using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and authorize user API actions using OAuth 2.0. Software vendors can sell their WorkDocs integrated applications in AWS Marketplace. Site administrators can manage these applications directly from the WorkDocs admin console and use AWS CloudTrail to monitor API calls.

The Amazon WorkDocs SDK includes an extensible API that provides admin and user level actions for: user administration, permission management, sharing, commenting, metadata, labeling, and activity tracking. Learn about the use cases below. 

Auditing, anti-virus scanning, and data loss protection (DLP) applications can scan Amazon WorkDocs content either periodically or as new contents gets added, to detect security threats and data leakage. Once detected, applications take mitigation actions such as purging or quarantining files and enforce appropriate permission policies.

Auditing, anti-virus, and DLP

Build access, permissions, sharing, and feedback capabilities into your existing content management systems (CMS) using Amazon WorkDocs.

CMS collaboration

Programmatically use Amazon WorkDocs for user content, feedback, metadata, labels, permission, activity tracking, and notifications in your process management application.

OAuth 2.0 authorized user actions

Migrate users and content from on-premises and cloud content repositories to WorkDocs, by automating user account provisioning, replicating folder structures, uploading files and maintaining attributes and comments, and setting permissions.

Migrate content

Activate and deactivate groups of users and migrate deactivated user content to existing users to ensure that content is not lost as your organization grows.

Manage user and content lifecycles

The Amazon WorkDocs SDK offers the following capabilities:
  • Available for Java, Python, Go, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, and Ruby
  • Automatic signing of API requests with SigV4 authentication
  • Support for OAuth-based authorization
  • Integrated with AWS IAM to manage roles and permissions
  • Real-time notifications with Amazon SNS integration
  • Integrated with AWS CloudTrail for monitoring

You can download the AWS SDK here.  

For more information, please see API Reference Documentation. You can also use the Amazon WorkDocs forum