Posted On: Dec 22, 2020

AWS OpsHub now supports the Linux operating system. AWS OpsHub is a graphical user interface you can use to manage your AWS Snowcone and AWS Snowball devices, enabling you to rapidly deploy edge computing workloads and simplify data migration to the cloud. With just a few clicks in AWS OpsHub, you have the full functionality of Snow devices at your fingertips; you can unlock and configure devices, drag-and-drop data to devices, launch applications, and monitor device metrics. AWS OpsHub for Windows and Mac operating systems was announced in April 2020. Starting today, AWS OpsHub will be available for Linux as well.

To get started, download and install AWS OpsHub for Linux from the AWS Snowcone resources page or AWS Snowball resources page. Once you have your Snowcone or Snowball device onsite, open AWS OpsHub and unlock the device. You will then be presented with a dashboard showing your device and its system metrics. Then, you are just a few clicks away from simply deploying your edge applications or migrating your data to the device.

AWS OpsHub supports AWS Snowcone, AWS Snowball Edge Storage Optimized, and AWS Snowball Edge Compute Optimized devices. AWS OpsHub is available globally where Snowcone and Snowball are available, and at no extra charge. To learn more, refer to the AWS OpsHub documentation and the AWS News blog from Jeff Barr - AWS Snow Family Update.