Posted On: Mar 29, 2021

AWS Global Accelerator now supports traffic through the new AWS edge location in Jakarta, Indonesia. Using Global Accelerator, users in Indonesia can now see improved performance of up to 20% for internet traffic to the AWS Singapore Region and up to 60% for traffic to AWS Regions in North America and Europe. Global Accelerator is now available through 96 Points of Presence globally and supports application endpoints in more than 20 AWS Regions.  

AWS Global Accelerator is a service that improves the availability and performance of your internet-facing applications by as much as 60% by optimizing the path from your users to your application. You can test the performance of Global Accelerator when transferring traffic from your location to various AWS regions using the AWS Global Accelerator Speed Comparison Tool. Global Accelerator provides static IP addresses that act as fixed entry endpoints for your application resources in a single or multiple AWS Regions, such as your Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers, or Amazon EC2 instances. To mitigate endpoint failure, Global Accelerator continually monitors the health of your application endpoints and redirects traffic to healthy endpoints in less than 30 seconds. Customers such as The Trade Desk, Skyscanner, JoyCity, 8x8, New Relic, Flowplayer, ParTech, Team Internet, and CrazyCall use Global Accelerator for web applications, gaming, video streaming, Internet of Things, and Voice over IP applications.  

With AWS Global Accelerator, you pay only for what you use. You are charged for each accelerator that is provisioned and the amount of traffic in the dominant direction that flows through the accelerator. To get started, visit the AWS Global Accelerator website and review its documentation.