Posted On: Apr 1, 2021

AWS Backint Agent version 1.03 is now available in all commercial regions, including AWS GovCloud (US) Regions and the recently announced AWS Asia Pacific (Osaka) Region.

AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA is an SAP-certified backup and restore solution for SAP HANA workloads running on Amazon EC2 instances. AWS Backint Agent backs up your SAP HANA database to Amazon S3 and restores it using SAP management tools, such as SAP HANA Cockpit, SAP HANA Studio, or SQL commands. AWS Backint Agent supports full, incremental, differential and log backup of SAP HANA database and catalogs to Amazon S3.  

AWS Backint Agent Version 1.03 improves restore performance and introduces several optional features, including:

  • Object tagging: You can now add meaningful tags to backup objects, which makes it easier to identify and manage them
  • Scheduled log rotation: You can now rotate AWS Backint log files at defined intervals for simple archiving.
  • Automatic signature verification: You can now enable automatic signature verification during agent installation. If you select this feature, you provide the Amazon S3 bucket location or the local path to the signature file/pickup signature file from the default location.

To learn more please visit the AWS Backint Agent homepage. For more details, see AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA documentation.