Posted On: Jun 16, 2021

Today, we are announcing the general availability of AWS Wavelength on the Vodafone 4G/5G network in London. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), enterprises, and developers can now use the AWS Wavelength Zone in London to build ultra-low latency applications for mobile devices and users in the United Kingdom.

Wavelength Zones embed AWS compute and storage services at the edge of communications service providers’ 5G networks while providing seamless access to cloud services running in an AWS Region. By doing so, AWS Wavelength minimizes the latency and network hops required to connect from a 5G device to an application hosted on AWS. With AWS Wavelength and Vodafone 5G, applications developers can now build the ultra-low latency applications needed for use cases like smart factories, autonomous vehicles, video analytics and machine learning inference at the edge, and augmented and virtual reality-enhanced experiences.

Initial customers for AWS Wavelength in the UK include Aurrigo, Immersal, InterDigital, Keyless, Net4 IO, and Sportable. Aurrigo enables autonomous vehicles for passenger transit in urban areas with real-time monitoring. See a video of the use case. Sportable uses AWS Wavelength and Vodafone 5G to provide interactive experiences at live sports events. Wavelength enables Immersal to provide immersive digital content to support use cases like indoor navigation, city mapping, gaming and ads, and industrial maintenance. InterDigital uses 5G and edge computing on AWS Wavelength Zones to enable smart factory use cases such as zero-defect manufacturing and augmented robotic telepresence. Keyless uses AWS Wavelength to offer passwordless authentication and personal identity management solutions. Net4 runs video analytics on AWS Wavelength Zones for uses like spill detection, office occupancy, and stock management.