Posted On: Aug 2, 2021

AWS Storage Gateway now supports Quest NetVault Backup 13 on Tape Gateway, enabling you to backup and archive data from Quest NetVault Backup to AWS without changing your backup workflows. With this announcement, Tape Gateway supports Quest NetVault Backup 13 running on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

Tape Gateway supports all leading backup applications and enables you to replace using physical tapes on premises with virtual tapes in AWS without changing backup workflows. Tape Gateway caches data on premises for low latency access, compresses and encrypts data in transit to AWS, and transitions virtual tapes to Amazon S3 Glacier or Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive to help you minimize storage costs.

This capability is available starting today in all AWS Regions. For more information, visit the testing your gateway setup documentation, or see step-by-step instructions to get started in the AWS Storage Gateway user guide. Access the Storage Gateway console to get started.