Posted On: Sep 10, 2021

Amazon Aurora now supports AWS Graviton2-based X2g database instances. Customers can now get double the memory per vCPU compared to R6g instances. X2g instances provide the highest memory per vCPU at the lowest cost per GiB of memory for Amazon Aurora. X2g instances are available when using both Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition.

X2g instances are the next generation of memory-optimized instances for memory-intensive applications offering double the memory per vCPU when compared to R6g instances. The largest db.x2g.16xlarge instance size provides 1TiB of memory, allowing customers to scale up and consolidate their workloads on a fewer number of instances.

You can launch new instances in the Amazon RDS Management Console or using the AWS CLI. Upgrading a database instance to Graviton2 requires a simple instance type modification, using the same steps as any other instance modification. The X2g database instances are supported on Aurora MySQL 2.09.2 and higher, 2.10.0 and higher, and Aurora PostgreSQL 11.9 and higher, 12.4 and higher, and 13.3 versions. For more details refer to the documentation.

For complete information on pricing and regional availability, please refer to the Amazon Aurora pricing page. Review our technical documentation for more details.