Posted On: Nov 24, 2021

AWS Managed Templates for IoT Jobs, a new feature of AWS IoT Device Management now gives you the ability to deploy common remote operations to fleets of IoT devices directly from the AWS IoT Console, with no incremental code, and in a standardized manner. Instead of having to manually define your remote operations in a JSON Job Document, you can select from a range of pre-built remote actions, provide relevant inputs, and quickly deploy them to your IoT fleets.

You can use AWS Managed Templates for IoT Jobs to deploy seven frequently used remote operations: reboot-device, download-files, install-applications, remove-applications, start-application, stop-application, and restart-application. Jobs created with AWS Managed Templates currently work by default on all hardware/software platforms running the AWS IoT Device Client, namely microprocessor-based IoT devices (x86_64, ARM), and common Linux software environments (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL). Alternately, if you choose to write your own device-side code, or customize device-code for your hardware platforms, you can use our library of handlers on GitHub.

You will only be charged for job executions deployed to your IoT devices using AWS Managed templates (see pricing). This feature is available in all AWS Regions where AWS IoT Device Management Jobs is available. Read our documentation to learn how to create a Job with an AWS Managed Template, and how this capability works together with the AWS IoT Device Client. Get started with this feature on the AWS IoT Console.