Posted On: Jun 9, 2022

Starting today, customers who use ServiceNow can respond, investigate and resolve incidents affecting their AWS-hosted applications using AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager and the AWS Service Management Connector. AWS Systems Manager is the operations hub for AWS applications and resources, that helps to automate reactive processes to quickly diagnose and remediate operational issues. With the Incident Manager integration with ServiceNow, customers can now automate their incident response plans in AWS Systems Manager and automatically synchronize their incidents into ServiceNow. This feature enables faster resolution of critical application availability and performance issues without disrupting existing workflows in ServiceNow. The AWS Service Management Connector also integrates with AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter to view, investigate, and resolve operational issues related to your AWS resources.

This AWS Service Management Connector release also introduces integrations of AWS Health service status and availability, AWS CloudTrail events logs visibility with AWS Systems Manager Change Manager, AWS Support dual sync using Amazon EventBridge, along with enhancements to existing integrations with AWS Service Catalog and AWS Config within ServiceNow. The Connector also provides existing integrations with AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter, AWS Systems Manager Automation and AWS Security Hub which helps simplify cloud provisioning, operations and resource management as well as enables to view streamlined Service Management governance and oversight over AWS services.

It’s easy to get started. The AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow is available at no charge in the ServiceNow Store. These new features are available in all AWS Regions where AWS Support, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Health Dashboard, AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager and AWS Security Hub services are available. For more information, please visit the documentation on the AWS Service Management Connector.