Amazon AppStream 2.0 – Deliver Siemens NX to any computer

Fully managed application streaming

AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed application streaming service that lets users work without workstations. They can easily access design, simulation, and manufacturing applications such as Siemens NX on any computer. Each user's experience is fluid and responsive because your applications run on virtual machines (VMs) optimized for their use cases, and the NICE DCV protocol automatically adjusts each streaming session to network conditions. Your applications run on AWS next to your data, so you can accelerate engineering workloads by performing pre and post visualization work directly on AWS. 


Work without workstations

Users can access Siemens NX at any time. Your application is streamed from AWS to any computer, including Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs. You no longer need to purchase, manage, and upgrade workstations.

Accelerate engineering workflows

Running Siemens NX on AppStream 2.0 lets you perform pre and post visualization work directly on AWS. Siemens NX can natively access your network storage and file shares so users can launch workflows without uploading or downloading data.

Provide a fluid and responsive user experience

Each user's application is highly responsive because it runs on VMs optimized for their use cases. The NICE DCV protocol automatically adjusts each streaming session to network conditions for a fluid user experience.

Collaborate globally

Users across the globe can view and interact with your centralized data through applications on AppStream 2.0. They no longer need to duplicate and proliferate sensitive design data by downloading it to each workstation they use. 

Centrally manage Siemens NX

Each user accesses the same version of Siemens NX. You centrally manage Siemens NX on AppStream 2.0 and can stop managing installations and updates on each user's computer.

Secure applications and data

Applications and data are not stored on users' computers. Siemens NX is streamed as encrypted pixels and accesses data secured within your network. AppStream 2.0 runs on AWS, so you benefit from a data center and network architecture built for the most security-sensitive organizations.

Get started in 10 steps

There's no development work required for AppStream 2.0. Simply install Siemens NX the same way you would on any computer. Then connect and configure your network, identity, and storage, whether on premises or on AWS. Or, use AppStream 2.0's built in user management and persistent storage. You centrally manage your applications on AppStream 2.0 and your users securely access them on demand. All of this is offered with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

It's easy to get started with AppStream 2.0. You can download our getting started guide to learn how to install and configure Siemens NX on AppStream 2.0, perform foundational administrative tasks, and provision an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using a provided AWS Cloud​Formation template. 

What you'll accomplish:

Install and configure Siemens NX on AppStream 2.0, and stream it to your users. Your application is accessed through an HTML 5 browser, and you control who can access it.

Perform foundational administrative tasks using the AppStream 2.0 console. You'll learn how to install your application using the image builder, optimize your application with the Image Assistant, provision a fleet for your application, and provision a stack to stream your application to users.

Provision an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using a provided AWS Cloud​Formation template. The VPC will host your AppStream 2.0 resources within your isolated virtual network infrastructure.

What you'll need:

An AWS account: You need an AWS account to begin using AppStream 2.0.

A user's email account: You'll need access to at least one user's email account to complete the user configuration process.

Skill level: You don't need any prior experience with AWS to get started, but a basic understanding of networking and virtual desktop infrastructure is helpful.

Monthly billing estimate:

The total cost of streaming applications using AppStream 2.0 will vary depending on your needs and configuration. If you use the resources described in this guide for a business week, your total cost will be about $45. 

Deliver Siemens NX to any computer

Fully managed application streaming