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Further Thoughts on Unit Metrics

Voiced by Amazon Polly   After the blog series on Unit Metrics, the call was put out for future topics.  There were some excellent suggestions received from the community.  Three in particular struck a chord: Building strong links between technology and other business teams Projecting AWS cost.  The role of traditional FP&A in the FinOps […]

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How unit metrics help create alignment between business functions

Voiced by Amazon Polly   As the last blog in the Unit Metric series (intro, what is unit metric, selecting a unit metric to support your business, unit metrics in practice – lesson learned), we’ll share how unit metrics is instrumental in gaining alignment across business functions. High quality unit metrics create an opportunity to […]

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Unit metrics in practice – lessons learned

Voiced by Amazon Polly We hope by now you have a good grasp of what a unit metric is and how you can create your own to evaluate the efficiency of resources usage or project your future spend. Before you jump into action, here are some of the lessons learned along the way we’ve experienced both […]

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